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Rotary Club of Iowa City A.M.
Welcome to our club!
Iowa City A.M.

Service Above Self

We meet In Person & Online
Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
Kirkwood Room
515 Kirkwood Ave
Iowa City, IA 52240
United States of America
Most meetings will have hybrid options for those who cannot attend in person. Contact President Jenny Seylar at for the link. Breakfast is served at the 7 am morning meetings. Members supplement the meals for guest. Join us!
Home Page Stories
Liz Nichols, December Program Coordinator, introduced Allie Boge, President of the PM Satellite Club. Allie's first memory of Rotary was the 4th grade dictionaries.  Allie is from Davenport and was a Junior Rotarian -2014 with the Rotary Club of North Scott.  Being a junior Rotarian was a requirement to go to RYLA 2015, Counselor 2017 and Head Counselor in 2018. She has been to Xictopec and will go again this year.  She has been very involved in The U of I Dance Marathon and also running marathons. She is currently President of the PM Satellite Club. 
"Who is the PM Satellite Club"?  They are part of the Rotary Club of Iowa City AM, students, young professionals, inovative, unconventional.  The PM Club meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday night at Open Heartland.  The 1st meeting is a speaker, and the 3rd Wednesday is a service project at Open Heartland.  Deb Dunkhase said that after the PM Club has done the service project it is like "Magical Faries have been there".  What are they doing to grow.  Taylor Sung is a liaison the City High Interact.  Hopefully some of the Interactors will become part of the PM Club. 
Liz Nichols, December Program Coordinator, discussed how the "Book Table Talk Would Work" If a person has more than one book, each person should talk about one book and if there is time talk about a second book.  This meeting is dedicated to Pat Schnack who passed away December 26, 2021.  Liz Nichols talked about her book Red Hotel.  This book dealt with hotels that targeted for terrorism.  Beth Belding also had a book on hotels:   Mistress of the Ritz taking place in Paris.   Ann Romanowski talked about cookie decorating.  She brought some of her creations. Brian Adamec talked about mental health.  The Center Cannot Hold by Elyn Sack.  Vernette Knapp talked about The Boys from Bloxi by John Grisham. John has had 47 best sellers.  This book is about an attorney trying to take down drug lord's establishments.  Margy talked about Lessons in Chemistry.  This book made her laugh, and it was a fun book. 
Jim Peterson talked about The Rotary Foundation Grants.  These are large-long term projects that are at least $30,000.  They must be sustainable.  You need to really know you International Partner and Club.  There Is an International Host sponsor that is a club outside of the country.  There is an individual that is s sponsor.  The grants are within an area of the Seven Areas of Focus. All applications are submitted online at  There is no application deadline. In order to qualify for a Grant, you must attend an annual Grant Management Seminar. Other items needed to be completed:  Oversee application, prepare a community needs assessment, project a budget, financing, bank account, project manager, have a measurement and evaluation tool, prepare a report to R. I. two months after grant completed.  Keep very detailed and accurate records. There are three sources of funds for a Global Grant: Cash from clubs and organizations, District Designated Funds, and matching funds from The Rotary Foundation. One Global Grant that our club is doing is Vocational Training Technique VTT the Ponsetti method training project in Argentina.  The International Sponsor is the Rotary Club of Iowa City AM, The Host Sponsor is Rotary Club of Grand Boug D 4805 Argentina.  The project cost $49,749.  Where do you find Global Grants:  Rotary International House of Friendship, Project Fairs, Travel Internationally and try to go to Rotary Clubs in that country. YE, VTT, Friendship Exchanges. 
Kate Malkusak (majoring in International Studies: Global Health, Spanish, & Arabic at the University of Iowa with an expected graduation date of May 2023) presented about her recent Rotex Study Abroad experience in Santiago, Chile. Kate had been a Rotary Exchange high school student in 2018-2019 in Spain, attended RYLA,  and is involved in Roteract. Her experience in Chile enabled her to improve her Spanish as her host family did not speak English, she was able to observe the voting process, met other students at the University she attended, took day trip to museums, participated in cooking and other classes, and attended cultural events. Academically, Kate participated in a "Health Program, 2 Spanish classes, Health Studies Seminar, 60 hours of clinical observations over the semester...[and a] Native Culture Class," learning more about indigenous cultures. Kate had the opportunity to learn more Spanish medical terminology and visited hospitals in Santiago. As part of her experience, she learned more about public and private health care in Chile and their differences. Kate personal travels included to San Pedro de Atacama, La Serena, Valparaiso, a cultural celebration Pelluhue, and  celebrating her own birthday by hiking in Patagonia. Kate benefitted by being able to make medical observations, using and improving her language skills, expanding her worldview on health care, and improving her cultural competence. Kate's goal is to work for a nonprofit in global health. She appreciated the financial aid from Rotary, which made her semester experience in Chile possible, gave credit to Rotary Youth Exchange for the experience, and thanked Rotary and those present. Kate has a blog where Rotarians and other can learn about her experience at
Marge Winkler asked Kate when and how were you first inspired--Kate replied that at RYLA, she learned from her counselor, Megan, about her experience as a Rotary Youth Exchange member and inspired, Kate then transferred to City High and graduated early in order to be an exchange student. In response to another question about her observations about health care in Chile, Kate replied that she observed different levels of health care and doctor availability, was able to converse with a doctor and other professionals and observed a surgery. In response to a question from Phil Peterson, Kate said that public universal health care was paid for by taxes and private care was paid for by individuals. Covid was prominent initially and then a mask mandate went away in October. Kate's program was through IES. In response to other questions, Kate said she had wanted to learn a character language and started Arabic in Spain because there is a lot of Arabic influence in the southern half of Spain. Kate wants to work in international health care at a not for profit (e.g., Gates Foundation) and eventually travel and implement a health program. When Jenny Seyler asked "what was the hardest thing and most growth," Kate said that about half way through the semester, she felt that her Spanish was not improving as much and as quickly as she had hoped and that she has learned she cannot compare herself to others and further said that at the end, "my Spanish has improved beyond measure."
Jon Engelbrecht, executive director of Public Space One gave a little history on the current site formerly the Mansion.  Jon is in photography. Public Space One will be celebrating its 20th anniversary on December 1, 2022.   Public Space One was born December 1, 2020 at the Deadwood bar with a handshake a funky space and the vital energies of artists in need of a venue.  A lot of changes over the years, however, PS1 is an artist-led and community-driven space that alms to provide low-barrier access to arts resources support artists and harness the power of art to collectively build a better world. The structure was built in 1874 as a single-family home. It has also been an orphanage, Johnson County Administration and in 1980 became The Mansion which was a high-end furniture and home interior decorating establishment. 
It is now the home of PS1 and has 9 studios that are rented out and an 800 sq. ft. apartment available for rent. 
A tour was given to 2nd floor. 
, and harness the power of art to collectively build a better world. 
President Elect, Theresa Burns called the meeting to order at 7:05 am. Mark Stanley, Foundation Chair, shared The Rotary Foundation minute. The Rotary Club of Peterborough announced Friday November 18 that the club's application for a Rotary Foundation of Canada Grant to fund vocational training for women in Badikhel, Nepal has been approved. by R. I.  68, 874USD will fund the training of 140 Nepalese women in skill that will enable them to work in their chosen professions or to run their own businesses.
Nepal has the 6th largest rate of child marriages in the world.  Rotarians hope this training will promote female empowerment and self-sustainability that will have a long term effect in Nepal.  
Ann Romanowski shared that Tate High School Food Pantry will have a fundraiser at Wildwood Saloon Dec. 4, 2022 4:00-7:00 pm. Music by HomeBrewed..
225 cookies are needed for Open Heartland Christmas party for 225 families.  If you are interested in making cookies, notify P.E Theresa Burns.  Cookies are needed by December 17.  
The program was all members writing two items they are thankful for.  The items could not be about health, family, or Rotary.
Cassey Cook read them to everyone. 
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 a.m..  
Mark Patton, Program Coordinator for November introduced Jerry Schnoor speaking on "Climate Change and the Future".  Jerry is with the University of Iowa's Department of Climate and Engineering Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research.  The earth is two to three time warmer each year.  There are 8 billion people.  The AR6 a" Code Red new from the United States   The goal is to release GHG emissions by 45% by 2030 and net zero by 2050.  We are seeing increased heat, heavy precipitation, droughts, tropic cyclones.  Jerry talked about the increase in wildfires, and the country's worst drought, the surface melting in Greenland and the ocean temperatures increasing. The future in a change world with more floods, droughts, wildfires and sea level rising.  "This is the Decade to Act".
Mark Patton, November Program Coordinator, introduced the speaker James Larew, Attorney at Law. James talked about his career as attorney for Iowa Governors.  He then talked about the Railroads in Iowa.  He talked about all the advantages of living in Iowa being between the two greatest rivers.  He talked about Alan Dakin and Virgil Hansen and their friendships.   
Mark Patton, November Program Coordinator introduced   Scott Hawes, Executive Director of Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity.   "Why Helping Hands"?  The number of residents age 60+ has risen 37% since 2010.  30% of the homes in Johnson County are at least 50 years.  6000 homeowners are having a difficult time buying a home.
Conclusion:   seniors need low-income homeowners for accessibility, aging in place, modifications, critical home repairs.  Examples:  Building a ramp for easy access to the outside of the home.  Install walk in showers and high toilets.   Family had carpeting; son had severe allergies to pet dander.  The carpet was removed, and hard wood type flooring was installed.  
Scott talked about ERMAR:  Energy repair, appliance replacement.   He showed a video for affordable housing.  John Mckinstry was featured. 
Scott and Theresa Burns talked about affordable housing being around $200,000.  Theresa Said there may be multiple leans on the house.  Many loans may be involved. Som forgiven, some no interest in order for the family to afford the home.  Habitat for Humanity works with Homes for Iowa to build these homes. 
Chris Knapp, October Program Coordinator introduce Kelly Hayworth, Coralville City Administrator since 1988. Kelly received his B. B. A. and M. B. A from University of Iowa.   He has ridden 28 RABRAI.  Kelly talked about many improvements being made to Coralville.  A very large project is the 1st Avenue/Interstate Interchange.  This is called a Diverging Diamond.  The project has a budget of $40 Million Dollars and expected to be completed sometime in 2-024.  There will be new pedestrian and bicycle paths. There will also be a much easier access for all the truckers to refuel.
Forever Green Heights:  280 acres being developed.   There will be 1000 new housing units:  Single Family, Duplex, Row Houses, and a Senior Facility.  This should be completed in five years. The Auburn Ridge Sub-Division will be complete in fall of 2022.  The 5th Street Improvement project will be several components and completed in fall of 2025.
These improvements to:  St. Morrison Park, City Hall, Coralville Public Library and the pool, Police and Fire Departments.
Coralville will be celebrating the 150 years October 2022-2023. 
The 5th and 10th Street Roundabout will be completed after all the 5th Street improvements have been made.  May begin sometime in late 2025 or 2026.
Chris Knapp, October Program Coordinator, introduced Matt Degner, Superintendent Iowa City Community School District serving since July 2013.  Matt was Principal of South-East Junior High for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 years.  Since that time, he served as Director of Secondary Schools, Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent.  He is married and has one son.  He is a member of noon Rotary and a Cubs and Bears fan.   Matt will tell us "What's New in the School District"?
He showed a video on Who are We?  All in for All Kids. There are 14,400 students in the Iowa City School District along with 2300 employees.   There is 91% graduation rate.  The school system is committed to Equity and Inclusion.  The school system has undergone a five-year strategic planning to provide equity and proficiency and growth. 
He recommended the book "Schools Cannot Do It Alone" by Jamie Vollmer. 
Additional Information can be found
Chris Knapp, Program Coordinator for October introduced Geoff Fruin, City Manager of Iowa City. "Is there a Round About in your Future"?  He talked about the population growth in Iowa City 1990 there were 2485 new residents, 2000 new residents 5642, and 2020 new residents 6966.  H talked about the city's strong response helping to weather COVID, state reform, and inflationary pressures.  Goeff talked about tackling critical infrastructural quality of life with roadways, utilities, and parks.  At this time there is a capital improvement from 2022-2026.  
The city continues to work on Student Housing, Arts, Culture as Economic Development.  Some examples, Film Scene, Englert, Public Space One, James Gang and the Muesum of Art.
Fed Recovery:  Forest View Relocation helping residents to find affordable housing.  
Chris Knapp, Program Coordinator for October introduced Dr. Thomas Schwartz, Director of the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum; one of 13 museums and 15 libraries operated by the National Archives and Records Administration.  He will speak on the past, present, and future of the Hoover Library and museum.  Dr. Schwartz came to Iowa in 2011 after working 26 years in Illinois and working on the Lincoln Presidential Library.  He said it is important to have Education through Entertainment. "The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled. He did a timeline of Herbert Hoovers life. At the age of 40 Hoover was a self-made millionaire.  Hoover fed over a million people.  His concern was about the quality of the meal and how many people he was able to feed. Dr. Schwartz that Storytelling is the most powerful way.
Casey Cook did "What Jazzes You Up" with Margy Winkler.  Margy said she was not sleeping worrying about Nancy Pacha and Sophia her granddaughter.  What made Margy happy was the beautiful sunrise today!  She is happy she is able to do so many things.  Attitude is the key to Happiness.  She loves reading a good book, playing French horn, piano, golf and tennis.  When she was getting her master's degree, she did some fencing.   Casey and Margy did a very comical program today.
Deb Dunkhase introduced Kate Moreland and Cady Gerlach from the Iowa City Area Development Group.  Kate is the President and CEO of the Iowa City Area Development Group (ICAD), working to help our community for 23 years.  Cady is the Executive Director of Better Together.  She moved to Iowa City in 2013 to join the firm of Meardon, Sueppel, and Downer PLC and practiced in nonprofit corporations, municipal law, and trust and estate litigation for before joining the Shelter House staff as the Director of Strategic Operations and Resource Management.  The topic of today is" Better Together 2030" a shared future for Johnson County.  They looked at the What:  Community wide initiative to help the community to recover from the pandemic. Why:  To build a transformed future with economic diversity.  How:  Short-term target actions turning to long term. Who:  Led by four community economic organizations, guided by steering committee across various sectors and executed by coalition of community wide network volunteers. 
President Jenny had the vision to have a service project once a quarter.  The project today was House into Homes.
28 members attended the service project.  Some of the tasks were:  Steaming furniture, building shelves, painting various items, moving art items and many others. 
The service project at 8:00 am.
Alta Medea-Peters was our speaker today.  Alta spoke on DVIP "Update and Happenings.  Alta is the Director of Community Innovative Program at DVIP.  In 1979 there was comprehensive support and advocacy.  The First Shelter was built in Johnson County.  In 1991 Cedar and Washington was added.  Jones County from 1994-1997.  The CDC says 1 in 3 Women are impacted by domestic violence and 1 in 4 men are impacted by domestic violence.  There are 20 people per minute physically abused. DVIP is a non-judgmental free and confidential space. DVIP is open 24 hours a day.  DVIP is able to accommodate pets.  In 1993 the shelter grew to 40 beds.  Since May 2020, DVIP has seen a 28% increase.  Volunteers needed to transport victims.  There is an intense training program for the volunteers. 
Ways to Help:  Ask to speak to organizations.  Donations of $35-$45 provide a night for a victim. 
Hot Line Number 1-800-373-1043.
Karin Franklin introduced David Gould.  UI Public Policy Center "Power of the Chorus Creating a World of Change Makers".  David talked about making higher education more meaningful.  He receives over 100 reflections per week.  "Handle all with Care".  David's personal goal as an instructor, is to slow down the education for students and allow them to capture the world.  He sees students fatigued, burned out, much anxiety, overwhelmed, and depressed.  
In 2017 he invited Amanda Gorman Now, National Youth Poet Laureate.  He talked about running for your life from fire, you become angry, bring a buck of water, a cup or teaspoon to help with your issues. 
Pay attention to our youth.  It is ok if when they graduate from high school, that they do not know about the future.  There is time!  
Karin Franklin introduced the speaker Michael Brogan speaking on The American Society-Road to Recovery. Michael graduated from Waterloo High School in 1971.  He has 40 years as a Tech experience.  He is a cancer survivor. There 1.9 Millon cases of cancer a year and 600,000 deaths.  Adults have a 70% survival rate, children 90% survival rate. There have been 27 grants with $27.6 million dollars in the state of Iowa. Michael was diagnosed with cancer in 2013.  He was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma.  He had 2 years of radiation. There are two things he is working on.  "Real Men wear Pink" raised $50 Million.  Hope Lodge serves 28 people.  Road to Recovery is a program that a person can be trained to be able to drive cancer patients to and from appointments. 
Today we had the honor of having the World Affairs Students and RYLA students and their parents as our guests. Nancy Pacha interviewed all the students.  The World Affairs students talked about the great speakers they had.  Heidi was inspired by one Dr. and now she is going to Medical School. They were impressed to meet so many students from around the world.  They learned about Global Health and ways to solve problems.  They learned ways to better communicate to have better connections with people.
The RYLA students had many leadership activities.   They learn to interact and solve problems.  Some of the terms used to describe both events were Eye opening, inspiring, wonderful, impactful, emotional, everyone can be a leader.
Next Year's Theme will be Climate Change.
President Jenny introduced District Governor Steve.  Governor Steve talked about "Get to Know the Weineke's.   They have been married 2 years and are both members of the Ankeny Satellite.  They love the beach, and their Save the Card says it all. Steve said Rotary is 117 years old and we have our 1st Woman President.   The theme "Imagine means:  
The Circle is the connection to one another.  The Dots represent people and the 7 areas of Focus.  The dots and circle become our guiding light.  The solid line is the digging stick representing hard work. Purple for Polio eradication, green for the environment, and white for peace our core value. Rotary Vision Statement:  Together we see a world where People unite and take action to create lasting change across the globe in our communities and in ourselves. 
Create Community will be held Sept. 11-17 to have the four organizations do a project together, Rotary, Optimist, Lions and Kiwans.
Andreas Soemadi was our speaker today.  Andreas professional life is focused on facilitating student learning in math and physics at collegiate level.  Currently he is an instruct of physics at North Iowa Area Community College in Mason City, Iowa.  He uses Mathematic in facilitating the learning of physics I also write Mathematics codes for all pieces in all my artwork.  To each curve (line for example) one can associate a mathematical equation.  Each mathematical equation is then encoded using Wolfram Mathematica.  The codes are then executed to show the corresponding curves which are ultimately printed on paper to produce the desired picture.  He uses Graphics BezierCurve with difference numbers to create a piece of art.  Andreas had several pieces of art and note cards for sale.  He donated 50% of the costs to the Rotary Club of Iowa City AM.
Dick Huber, graphic designer, of RTHgraphics received the well-deserved All District Conference National Logo Award and a 2022 Award of Excellence Communicator Award from The Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts (AIVA) in the highly competitive Corporate Identity-Logo-Non-Profit category for "Iowa Rotary celebrate getting back together again Celebration with hugs*pats on the back*high 5's" and citing "fellowship" and "fun" and "Iowa Rotary Club." The Communicator Awards attracts thousands of entries each year and provides international recognition to award recipients. The Award of Excellence is its "highest honor" and provides peer recognition of achievement. To view the award winning design, see
Casey Cook introduced this week's speaker, John Moyers, MD, Professor Emeritus at the University of Iowa Department of Anesthesia. In a fascinating presentation, Dr. Moyers shared slides of his January trip to Antarctica. To reach Antarctica, he flew first to Buenos Aires and then made his way to Tierra del Fuego. The crossing was over rough seas. His pictures included Ushuaia, the world's southernmost city; a map showing Antarctica; a cruise ship; and a Zodiac boat that took people, including tourists, naturalists, and photographers, from ship to shore. Dr. Moyers shared the red parka visitors wear to identify themselves with the attendees. He wore gloves that Alaskan fisherman used so he could take photographs. The temperature, around 10 below, felt more like 40 below with the wind chill. There were thousands of penguins present, and he showed pictures of different species of penguins (including Gentoo, Chinstrap, and Adelie), many penguins facing the same direction, and sea lions. Everything must be taken to Antarctica because it is so remote. He also shared pictures of an old Norwegian Whaling Station in Whaler's Bay inside a caldera; sailboats from Sydney, Australia; a seal napping; the inside of a station left over from World War II; and a Chilean research station. In addition to penguins, pictures of birds included Antarctic terns and blue eyed shags (cormorants). One of the final slides was the impressively massive ice covered wall of Antarctica. During the question and answer period, Dave Parsons, who had also been to Antarctica commented on the smell of the penguins, and John Ockenfels, who had been there with Deb Ockenfels, at the same time of year; commented there was no snow the year they went. In response to a question, Dr. Moyers noted that one person fell in the water and got pulled out right away.
President Jenny played Imagine by John Lennon.  Imagine is the R. I. Theme for President Jennifer Jones.   Jenny talked about her Rotary Year.  
HAPPY NEW YEAR LEADERSHIP 2022-23.  President Jenny Seylar
The IMPACT that we make when we seek to do good in our community.
EXPANDING our opportunity for YOUTH.
FINALLY, make ways to adapt to the changing climate and world.
She hopes that she and the club can:  Explore ways to support and grow the PM Satellite Club, Provide Visioning and Strategic planning session, Winter 2023, continue the work with the Literacy Program, Provide Pop Ups and social opportunities outside of the club. investigate the Armark  fundraising opportunity, Create position for public image, especially social media. 
She showed the Leadership that also included Jim Peterson, Brian Adamec, and PM Satellite member being added to the board and all the board members. Her career included being a teacher for many years.  She has two grandchildren. She played clarinet in the Hawkey Marching Band the year early on we went to the Rose Bowl.  
She like salmon to be on someone else plate.   She lost her husband to a heart attack while being on a bike ride. 
She has gratitude and joy daily in every life. 
Karin Frankline introduced John Engebrecht and Travis Kraus as the speakers today on Public Space 1.  John is an artist, art organized, educator and Executive Director of Public Space One (PS1).  John joined PSI in 2009.  Under his tenure the organization has grown from a small local Iowa City Hub arts hub in rented space to a nationally Space One owns, occupies and program three historic buildings in downtown Iowa City with Major projects including the Iowa City Press Co-0p, the Center for Afrofuturist Studies, and the Media Arts Co-op.  Travis serves as Associate Professor of Practice in the School of Planning and Public Affairs, where he teaches Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities, initiative works with community partners and UI faculty, staff and students to facilitate engaged-learning project that promote economic development, social justice, and sustainability. He also serves as PSI co-treasurer.
Who Are We?  PS1 is an artist led, community driven contemporary art center. 
2020 by the Numbers:  112 member artists' work presented, 139 workshop participants (virtual and in person),18 hours curated radio programming, 32 hours of curated video programming, 225+ plant varieties grown on site, 60 number of paid artists, $17,000 paid to artists (not including art workers/staff), $76,000 supported in grant support
400 individuals, orgs, and businesses that support us. 
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