Kate Sojka introduced the speaker Rick Hollis speaking on Iowa City Bird Club.  Website https://www.iowacitybirdclub.org
Rick spoke about the types of birds that he has come to his feeders in the winter months.  It is $20 to become a member of the Iowa City Bird Club.  During normal circumstances, there are meetings and each member receives a newsletter.
President Amy called the meeting to order at 7:05 AM.  Today we had a special guest, Philippe Chassignet former Rotary Youth Exchange Student from France in 1997-1998 hosted by Chris and Vernette Knapp and Paul and Liz Nichols, Vic and Sandy Marz.   Another guest was Alice Stutling a guest of Greg Probst a former Ryla Student and counselor.
Rotarian's in the News:  David Johnson, spouse of Deb Galbraith is retiring a the Dean of the Dental College.  The Rotary Club of Iowa City Downtown lost the CommUnity Food Fight to The Rotary Club of Iowa City Downtown.  Our club gave $134.00 per member and their club gave $180.00 per member. Congratulations to The Rotary Club of Iowa City Downtown.  Casey Cook said that the Community Foundation has $7,000 in which we can use for a non profit. 
Speaker Rick Hollis continued his presentation with a power point with names and pictures of the birds that should be seen at feeders this winter.  Mourning Dove, Cooper;s Hawk, Red-Headed Woodpecker, Red-Bellied Woodpecker, Downy Woodpecker, Hairy Woodpecker, Northern Flicker, Blue Jay, American Crow, Black Capped Chickadee, Tuffed Titmore, Red Nuthatch, White Breated Nuthatch, European Starling, House Sparrow, E Tree Sparrow, Purple Finch, House Finch, American Goldfinch, American Tree Sparrow, Dark Eye Junco, White-crowned Sparrow, White-throated Sparrow, Song Sparrow, Northern Cardinal.
Question on what type of food.  He suggested sun flower seeds.
Rick Hollis can be reached at xiboiac@earthlink.net  or 319-665-3141
President Amy adjourned the meeting at 8:00 am.