The Downtown Iowa City Rotary Club was pleased to have the RYLA and World Affairs Seminar students join their meeting, where they were introduced by Nancy Pacha, who is one of the Rotary liaisons to the West High School Interact Club. Nancy thanked a number of Rotarians who helped, including Gregg Probst (counselor), Margy Winkler (West High Interact liaison), Liz Loeb (volunteer presenter at RYLA) and those who interviewed prospective attendee students.
There were ten World Affairs students and six RYLA students, many of whom attended this meeting with some of their family members. Nancy first had the RYLA students come up to the front as a group. The students answered Nancy's questions stating RYLA showed them "anyone can be a leader," the team and team leader were "really great people," the team was "very energetic," and the student "would like to continue volunteering." Another student added that she will take from the experience that "you shouldn't let fear hold you back from trying new things." RYLA students used words to express their experiences, including transformative, friendship, bonds, life changing. Rotarian and RYLA volunteer, Liz Loeb, said it was a "happy place."
Nancy then asked the World Affairs Seminar students about their experiences. A student described this year's theme as climate change with a focus on what students could do to help. The students described building connections; meeting people from other countries; their experiences, including writing a treaty for a country to use as a proposal for other countries; and learning that everyone has a voice. Students used words to describe their experience including amazing, thought provoking, inspiring, inclusive, and informative.
Students introduced their family members present and parents thanked the club for sending students. 
President Theresa Burns called the meeting to order at 7:05 a.m. Those attending welcomed back John Ockenfels from his extraordinary flight around the world to end polio! Meals on Wheels is seeking volunteers. The food fight is extended though August. Mark Ruggeberg delivered a $5,000 check from the Iowa City Rotary Club Downtown to provide Rotarian Deb Ockenfels with additional funds to buy food in bulk (including produce) for the CommUnity Crisis Food Bank. The meeting was closed by stating how glad members were that John returned home safely.