Posted by Vernette Knapp on Sep 24, 2019
Eric Nurnburg Program Coordinator for September introduced speaker Angie Jordan. Angie spoke on Enhancing Quality of Life & The South District Neighborhood Association. The Goals of the program are:  Information Exchange, Resident Advocacy, Build Neighborhood, Identify and create a way to Communicate.
  Rotarian Sue Cronin and Angie Jordan
President Seaba called the meeting  to order at 7:05 am.  Rotarian's in the news:  Alta Medea-Peters was in the news for the 40th Anniversary of D,V.I.P. Announcements
Alta announced that October 5th  is Hy-Vee  Shop.  A sign up sheet was circulated for volunteers to help with this event.   The donations for the 40th Anniversary was $60,000 that included a $10,000 match by Mark Ruggeburg and Bob Brooks.
Zachary Payne was inducted as a new member.  He was sponsored by Brian Adamec.  Zach's mentor is Amanda McFadden. 
Speaker Angie Jordan continued her talk on Enhancing Quality of Life & The South District Neighborhood Association.  It is important to have resident advocacy, collect views, ideas, thoughts, suggestions, concerns and questions of those who  play, live, and work in the South District.
The South District Neighborhood Association s working on  a neighborhood identity, request of residents, events development to promote and collaborate on neighborhood programs and projects.
The City of Iowa City, Non-Profits, Businesses, Schools, churches are involved in helping the South District Neighborhood Association.