Deb Dunkhase, Program Coordinator for September introduced the speaker for today:  Linda Eastman Founder Board member Casa Calibri. The Casa Colibri Literacy in the Western Highlands of Guatemala.  Local Teacher identifies a program for 40 villages. The facts:  Children do not read at grade level, start Day 1, unable to catch up.  The program they developed was outside reading with 4-6 students covering 3-4 books over a 4 month period.  They encouraged the children to think outside of the box. This was a pilot program that was highly successful. The teachers incorporated multi-learning and made a party.  This helped to improve reading one book at a time.  One book they focused on was "Jack and the Beanstalk".  This help them to learn about agriculture.  They were able to have little planting plots where they planted radishes.   They were given prizes of Interactive Solar Lamps.
There was much success with "Readers to Leaders".
President Liz called the meeting to order at 7:05am.  Dr. Tom Novak gave a Covid update.  He said people that were vaccinated were protected 85%-90% against the Delta Variant. 
It is still possible to get it and to be a carrier. Idaho is the worst state at only 10% vaccinated. We should all continue to wear masks and social distant.  
There is a work project today at 9:00 am to empty the shed at North Dodge and the trailer located at the Old City Carton.  We need several volunteers to help with this fundraising task.  President Liz mentioned Larry Freeman's funeral is today at 10:30.  He was Past President of the Rotary Club of West Liberty and a past member of Rotary Club of Iowa City AM.   There will be a Board Meeting Thursday September 16, 2021 at 6:45 am. 
Deb O. is making progress getting shoe sizes so she can order shoes and socks. PDG Chris Knapp talked about the topics at Zone.  The effect that Rotaractors had on the convention.
Human Trafficking was a large topic.  PDG John Ockenfels received an End Polio Zone award. 
Meeting Adjourned 8:00 am.