Deb Dunkhase and her guest Dr. John Canady spoke on Iowa M.O.S.T.  Dr. Canady said this mission has been going for 19 years.   Dr. Bill Olin, Dr. Pete Wallace, Dr. John Canady, PDG Gary and Nancy Pacha started Iowa M.O.S.T in 2005.
1 in 600 people Guatemalan's have cleft lip or cleft palate or both. The mission is now doing cataract surgeries.  She and Dr. Canady showed many pictures of patient's year after year.  The people trust the Iowa M.O.S.T. team.   The people will walk for miles to a bus to transport them to Huehuetenango hospital for surgeries.  Typically, the Drs. preform. Around 65 surgeries per year.   The mission this year will be January 19-28 and January 24-31 for cataract surgery. 
President Theresa called the meeting to order 7:05 am.  Congratulations to Peggy Doerge for being elected to the Board of Trustees of Kirkwood Community College.  Elves are needed to help with Open Heartland Christmas for the families.
Adopt a family or bake cookies.  Many members have not paid dues.  Please do so immediately.  
There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 8:00 am.