Karin Franklin, Program Coordinator,  introduced Ashley Lindley, Human Rights Commissioner speaking on Implicit Bias. She believes in life long learning.  She talk about the fact that we "All Have Biases".  She spoke about UPR (Unconditional Positive Regard)  Treat Other as You wish to be Treated. There are no stupid questions and having a safe place. She has been working with Human Rights for two years.  This is a three year position.  She hope to continue.  Education is the key helping all of us with our personal biases. It is important to develop an understanding of people different than yourself. Read book and log into Ted Talks.  She recommended that everyone take the Harvard Implicit Assessment.
For further information contact Ashley at:  ashley.hrc@gmail.com. The Iowa City Human Rights Commissioner meet the 4th Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.
Past President Amy called the meeting to order at 7:05 am with the Pledge of Allegiance.  President Liz was on Zoom form Minnesota where she is taking care of her sister. 
The Rotary Moment was given by Elsa Janle, President of the Rotary Club of Iowa City Downtown.  She spoke on the 1905 Rotary Coffee that they are selling for a grant for Solar Panels for DVIP.  This aligns with the 7th area of Focus for Rotary, Protecting the Environment.  They are are hoping to raise enough money to have 128 panels costing $79,000.  They have enough for 50 panels so far.   The cost of the coffee, Bag $12.99, Keriug $19.99.  The cost of one panel is $600.00.
Next weeks meeting will be Hybrid at St. Marks Methodist Church.  The month of August we will be at The Kirkwood Room.  
The Food Fight is on through July, 31.  Deb said that we are at $197.08 per member.  We will beat the Rotary Club of Iowa City. She will be going to the auction today .
President Liz spoke of Grow More/Do More.  The Grow More is focused on younger members age less that 55.  This may be done through a Satellite. 
The Do More was focused on Giving To the Rotary Foundation and getting the Can Do project up and running.
Roger Christian was thanked for all his hard work and commitment to implementing the Hybrid meetings. 
The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 am with the 4-Way Test.