Today was a sharing of stories of Pat Schnack who passed away December 26, 2021.  She was loved by all.  She was a teacher who inspired the lives of many children. 
She helped the club's "Reading Partners Program".  This involved reading books with school age children.  She was diagnosed with Lung Cancer about 10 years ago.  She kept on going.  She lived life to the fullest by touring many countries.  She took her grandchildren on many international trips.  She traveled to Pakistan and to Xiotopec.  She was thrilled that she and Ron's four sons would be here for Christmas. Travel was involved from Japan and Austria.  She had hoped in January to go to Mexico for a few months.  
She will be greatly missed by everyone.  Visitation will be Thursday December 30, 4:00-7:00 pm at Lensing Funeral Home.  
President Liz called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Jack Cameron thanked everyone that volunteered for gift wrapping on Christmas Eve.  Treasurer, Chris Knapp reported that we raised $1,235.84.  Jack said that may be the largest total ever to be raised.  Chris said that everyone was very generous.  One person gave $50.
President Liz commented that Mark Patton will be taking a van, January 9,2022 to Kentucky.  He will take donations of diapers, food, other items people wish to donate. 
With sadness the death of Pat Schnack, December 26,2021 was announced.  
Past President said that her dad had a heart attack and have gone back to the hospital.  He was released and is in Oaknoll care center. Her mom fell and is moving to the care center today.  
Dr. Tom Novak announced his retirement as of December 31, 2021.  
Deb Dunkahse thanked everyone for all the help for the Holiday Open Heartland event held December 18, 2021.  
There was a time of sharing of memories of Pat Schnack and some Christmas stories. 
President Liz also wanted some ideas on what members would like to see the 2nd half of the year.
Can Do reopened, website and public image help, International Projects running again just to name a few.   
The meeting adjourned at 8:05 am.