Posted by Vernette Knapp on Aug 06, 2019
Today's meeting was full of excitement with the presentations given by RYLA Students and World Affairs Students.
Each student spoke about how these experiences have changed their lives.
Left to Right: Back Row:Greg Probst, Ethan Seylar, Callie Dains, Arlene Drack, Anya Emerson, Bill Emerson, Manal Duah, Nate Nelson, Daniel Song, Gregg Schoultz, Linda Farkas  Front Row:  Liz Loeb, Nancy Pacha
President Seaba welcomed all our RYLA and World Affairs students and parents. 
Greg Probst mentioned an article in the Newspaper that talked about Rotary helping youth with all the challenges as all the shootings and racial unrest in the world.
Phil Peterson announced that the 4th Annual Rotary Past Club Presidents will meet August 13, 2019 at 12:00 in the Midwest One new building top level.
Deb Dunkhase mentioned the Heartland project for for school supplies going to students in the Mobile Home Parks.
She is still taking supplies and cash donations.  She may need volunteers next week to pass out supplies
Kate announced that Liz Loeb had been a member for 15 years.
Nancy Pacha recognized Linda Farkas for all her hard work with RYLA and World Affairs.
Chris Knapp announced that South Dakota will be joining our NC Pets.  This will our pets a five district Pets.
Pat Schnack wanted to make sure everyone keeps Amy Nicholson is our prayers as she is having a rough time with chemo.
Many people were happy today.
The RYLA Students and World Affairs were:  Ethan Saylor, Callie Dains,  both of these students attended RYLA and World Affairs in 2016 and 2017.  They are not at the U of I.  Nathaniel Nelson was a head counselor to RYLA this year and not speak enough how it had changed his life for ever for the best.  Manuel Duah spoke about how the programs had help to see the big picture and want to help people.  Greg Shoultz shared these experience will help to map their life.   The students provided a lot of energy and inspiration. They have learned to be selfless.  To change the world, you need to begin with YOU.