Posted by Vernette Knapp on Aug 20, 2019
Casey Cook introduced the speakers Eloy Barragan and Nora Garda from the Iowa Dance Festival. The Dance Festival will be downtown October 18 and October 19, 2019.   Iowa City became a UNESCO city in 2012.
Nora Garda, Casey Cook, Eloy Barragan
President Seaba called the meeting to order at 7:10 am. Our Youth Exchange Student from Brazil, Lara Nicoletti was in attendance. Her first host family is Greg and Edna Probst. Sara Sedlacek, Director of CommUnity presented the Food Fight Turkey.  The Rotary Club of Iowa City  won with a total of over 34,000 pounds  of food. Total pounds of food contributed by all four clubs  to CommUnity was 62,541.  Chris Knapp was at the past Presidents luncheon last week and Gary Pacha recommended that sometime during the year the four clubs should raise enough food for one month.  The needed amount is 125,000 pounds of food.
Deb Dunkhase announced that at Fry Fest there is an opportunity to do glittery
tatoos.  She sent around a sign up sheet for those interested.
Vernette Knapp that our club is kicking off Month Openers.  The October 7th Month Opener will be at Chris and Vernette  Knapp's Home. Nov. TBD, and December 9th will be the 11th Annual Chili Supper at Peggy Doerge home.
Medea Peters announced that D.V.I.P is 40 years old this year.
The Iowa Dance Festival will be Oct. 18 and 29 in Downtown Iowa City.
It will be held at Film Scene, The Englert, and the Ped Mall.  On October 18, 2019 there will a Dance Flash Mob on the Ped Mall at 6:00 pm. There will be dancers from the Chicago area.  The Iowa Dance Festival hopes to promote movement, dance and art for the community. 
There are opportunities to donate to The Iowa Dance Festival on their website.
www.Iowa Dance Festival.
Casey spoke briefly on a Literacy project for the City of Literature. He is looking for a task force to access the needs for education in the community and Johnson County.  Deb Dunkhase has some ideas for the project. More to come.