Casey Cook introduced Marguerite Oetting, Medical Director and UIHC Pediatrician of Healthy Kids Community Care.  The mission:  When children are ill and cannot get the health care they need, they have more school absences, difficulty learning, and they do not learn how to care for their own health.  The mission is to work collaboratively with local medical partners to provide accessible primary care from birth through high school. The need of the unmet health care needs of children in our community.  An average0 5-7% of ICCSD students lack health insurance.  There are now more than 400 homeless students in our communities.  There are several barriers to health care:  Lack of health insurance, Unaffordable, copay or deductible, Parent does not speak English, Parent cannot take time off of work, Lack of transportation.  Why we have school-based clinics?  Convenient locations, comfortable environment for students and families, minimizes time away from learning.  Early identification of health problems by school personnel.
President Theresa called the meeting to order at 7:05am.  Theresa reported that Rock the Chalk was very busy and could have used a couple more volunteers. 
If you have not paid your dues, please send check to Chris Knapp Treasurer. Chris reported that we received $109.00 from Can Shet from members donating glass.  John Ockenfels said that we have collected $11,900 have spent $9,500.  Iowa City AM $4900.00 total lbs. 10,000 Downton $7000 14000 lbs.  ICAM $417 per person and downtown, $540 per person.     Meeting Adjourned 8:00 am.