Posted by Vernette Knapp on Jun 25, 2019
Amanda McFadden displayed art work that our Youth Exchange Student Cristina had made.  She wanted to share with the AM Rotary members.
Jennifer Skarda became the newest member of The Rotary Club of Iowa City AM.  Randy Willman announced there were several members in the District Newsletter.
Ann Romanowski was thanked for her hosting of the Year Ender.  Hazel sent around a sign up sheet for Programs for the upcoming year.
John Ockenfels was awarded the Henry Ford car award for organizing our can sorting.  The process saves us about 3 hours each time we sort cans.
Deb Ockenfels announced that the annual food fight will begin July l. 
Please keep Amy Nicholson in your thoughts and prayers.
Many People were happy today.
The program organizer for the month of June is Pam Ely.
The program for today was  Casey's What Jazzes you up?  Today candidate  was Theresa Burns who was originally from Estherville.  She states that she did not like Iowa City in the beginning, but has now grown to like the city.  She works at Habitat for Humanity.  She has one dog and one cat.
Casey also talked with Dick Huber and Jennifer Skarda.  There was so fun information exchanged between the two of them.