Posted by Liz Nichols on Sep 11, 2018
Ashen Hayes, Community Services Officer, Iowa City Police Department was the speaker.
Guests and Visiting Rotarians
Jenny Seylar, Guest of Nancy Pacha
The IAMOST Salmon Dinner fund-raiser at Amy Nicholson's house is Friday, Sept 14.  Get your sign-ups in.  Bring a side dish to share.
Next week on the calendar are the AM Board Meeting on Sept 20 at 6:45 am (all members welcome); the IC Area Rotary Presidents also meet.
As usual the Happy Bucks were many and focused on sports wins, travel and family events, celebrations and activities.
Ashen Hayes, Community Services officer for the ICPD.  She is originally from rural Des Moines and is from a farming family.  She worked in Des Moines on the police force for a year and a half and then moved to the ICPD and has been there for six years.  She talked about areas where the PD is trying to make better contacts and relationships with the public.  One way they do this by encouraging neighborhoods to do a neighborhood party on National Night Out.  There were 7 parties throughout the community this year and the police were present at each, along with Herky or McGruff.  They gave away backpacks with school supplies for kids.  The Citizen Police Academy will take place at the end of January for 10 weeks.  They are looking for 50 participants program.  They do Coffee With Cops every other month at different coffee spots in the community.  They participate in Safety Village every summer with kids 5-7 years old.
There are 7 or 8 female police officers in the ICPD, including newly promoted Denise Brotherton, who was just appointed a captain.  In March 2019 the ICPD will be hosting a conference in Iowa City for female officers.  The planning group does not have public funds for this meeting.  We will add the contact information here when we have where contributions may be sent.