Posted by Liz Nichols on May 30, 2018
Dr. Louis Licht, CEO of Ecolotree, Inc., was the speaker on May 29.  He talked about treating pollution with tree roots.
Guests and Visiting Rotarians
Louis Licht-- Speaker
Our thanks go to our members who served in the Armed Forces in honor of Memorial Day.
The playground project is completed and the required report is in to the District.  Eighteen Rotarians volunteered to help with this project.  We will be scheduling a dedication soon.
A check was received for $1773.71 from Habitat for Humanity for the can sorting done at the Eastside Recycling Center.  It covered the time period November to recent weeks.  In total, we have made over $2500 to date.  A second container was moved from the Coralville Recycling Center to the more active North Dodge location.  The next can sorting Saturday is the 9th of June in both locations.  Deb Dunkhase will check on the Eastside site weekly to see if we need to do sorting any sooner than the scheduled date.
Ann Romanowski is hosting the Year-Ender at her home on Woodridge on Friday, June 15, 6- 8:30 PM.  It will be a potluck.  See the flyer for suggested dishes to bring depending on last name.  Also, bring a beverage to share.  Please use non-glass serving dishes to avoid possible breakage around the pool.  (Glass wine bottles are ok.)  Attire will be casual.
There are 5 mile and 20 mile ride possibilities for the Bike Ride fund-raiser this weekend in North Liberty Centre Pond on Cherry St. behind the Bluebird Cafe.  Registration is at 8 am and the ride will begin about 9.  Coffee, water and juice will be available during registration and lunch will be served at the end of the ride.  Contact Dick Huber if you are able to help out.  He needs about a dozen volunteers.
Mike Messier thanked all the volunteers who helped with the Community Fund Golf Tournament.
There were many happy bucks.
Mark Patton introduced Dr. Louis Licht, Ecolotree, Inc.  Dr. Licht started this company right out of graduate school.  It is still the only company using tree roots as a means of leeching pollutants from groundwater.  It is seen as a great solution for small, rural communities that would otherwise be overwhelmed with expenses in order to get water quality to a tertiary level, as now required by law.  The portable plant units can filter 300 gallons per day at about 10% of the cost of building a new water treatment plant. 
For more information see Ecolotree website.