Posted by Liz Nichols on Jun 01, 2019
Casey Cook explored "What Jazzes You Up" with new members, Jenny Seylar and Alta Medea-Peters.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Jennifer Skarda, guest of Dick Huber
Heidi Elton, Guest of Cassi Elton
Dick Huber is looking for volunteers for the July 15 Rotary Bike Ride Fundraiser at Terry Trueblood Park.  Contact Dick if you are interested in helping with registration or other functions.  Also sign up via Eventbrite if you plan on biking or walking that day.  Snacks and lunch will be served to registrants.
It's time to sign up for IAMOST salmon orders.  See forms at the tables each week.  Orders must be received by July 1.
Put down on your calendar Friday, June 21 for our Year Ender.  Like last year, it will be held at Ann Romanowski's house and will be a potluck, so there will be no charge.  There will be a sign-up sheet soon.
What Jazzes You Up
Casey is back in fine form as our "What Jazzes You Up" moderator.
First, he interviewed Jenny Seylar.  She is Associate Pastor at Lovely Lane Methodist Church in Cedar Rapids.  She has three grown kids.  The youngest is at UI.  She was widowed in 2017.  She started her work life as a middle school teacher in Des Moines.  She has been a pastor for the last 13 years having become a minister through the Methodist Church through the local pastor route taking seminary part time while working in various roles in churches over the past 12 years.  This next year she will be up for ordination.  Her favorite things to do are kayaking, biking, and walking her two dogs.  In Rotary she particularly enjoys helping Nancy Pacha with West HS Interact.
Casey also interviewed Alta Medea-Peters, our newest member.  Alta was born in Iowa City but lived in Spirit Lake for her junior and senior high school years.  As soon as she could she came back to Iowa City because of the rich cultural opportunities.  She has a 15 year-old and a 10 year-old.  She enjoys particularly playing baseball and reading.  Alta was drawn to our club when she spoke at one of our meetings and noticed how lively we are compared to other service clubs where she has spoken.  She is Director of Community Outreach for DVIP and is in the process of writing a curriculum to teach other similar programs how to develop a community outreach program.  She loves the look on the faces of the kids and women who come to the shelter and are so relieved to be in a safe and welcoming place.