We celebrated our 6 newest Rotarians by getting to know them better at "speed date" formatted table talks.
The Bike Fundraiser is June 15 at Terry Trueblood Park.  Registration is $25 single/$50 family.  Walkers are encouraged also. Lunch is provided.  Funds will go to the TAKO-Rotary Shelter at Rotary Camp Park in Coralville and to the World Bicycle Relief.
Don't forget to order salmon for IAMOST by July 1.  Minimum order of 25 lbs for $550.  People can go together on one order.
The flyer and sign-up for the Year End Party are on the tables.  This is a BYOB-Potluck at Ann Romanowski's house from 6-8:30 on Friday, June 21st.  Please do not bring glass serving dishes (except for wine bottles) as Ann wants to avoid broken glass around her pool.  Suggested potluck food groups (but you can bring what you want also):  A-D last name:  Bread or rolls; E-J last name:  Protein; K-N last name: Dessert; O-R last name: Side dish; S-W last name: Fruit or salad.  Utensils and plates will be provided.  Attire is casual.  No charge for the meal.
Pam Ehly designed a way we can get to know all of the 6 newest members of the Club by having these people rotate to each table.  We introduced ourselves to each of the new people, and then we interviewed each new member to find out about the person living or dead they would want to speak at one of our programs; their hobbies; their work and their families. 
Dan Kramer would have liked to invite motivational speaker, Wayne Dyer, to speak.  Dan speaks and trains on life transitions.  He lives on Lake McBride and likes to boat.  He has been married for 27 years.
Alta Medea-Peters would like to invite Jennifer Lawrence to speak.  She was born in Iowa City but attended high school in Spirit Lake.  She moved back to IC just as soon as she graduated.  She sold art in Des Moines for 15 years but was glad to get back to Iowa City. She works at DVIP.  She is a natural born storyteller.
Eric Nurnburg is Assistant Iowa City Fire Chief.  He has worked for the Fire Department essentially since he got out of the Marines and loves his job, even though he misses actually riding the trucks to fires every day.  If he were to pick a guest speaker it would be a former Marine who overcame many physical obstacles after graduating from the Naval Academy and is now with the Los Angeles Fire Department.  He is a very inspirational speaker.
Theresa Burns, who has been in administration at Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity for 13 years, would love to invite the first woman from Iowa to climb Mt Everest, Jen Loeb.  Theresa grew up in Estherville, IA as one of 11 kids in a blended family.  She lives on acreage in the country and loves to garden.
Seth Talbot is a financial advisor with two young kids.  He and his family live in Kalona.  His wife runs an animal shelter in Washington.  Seth grew up in Tipton.  Canoeing is one of his favorite past times.  The speaker he would most like to hear is Barack Obama.  He feels there would be plenty for that man to talk about that would not be political.
Jenny Seylar did not make it to our table in the time allotted, but she did correct the way her name is pronounced.  It's "sighlar."  You can read her brief bio from last week's "What Jazzes You Up."
What a diverse group of new members!  We especially appreciate that they all help to lower the average age of our membership.