The AM Rotary Club met at North Ridge Pavilion in Coralville for an evening meeting to celebrate our Year Ender.  Mark Patton, gave his farewell presentation as the Club's President and then turned the gavel over to Myrene Hoover.
The following are some remarks Mark Patton prepared to honor all the people who made his job as AM Rotary President during 2014-15 a breeze:
I want to thank ALL of you for helping make the A.M. Rotary club a wonderful group to lead and give a shout-out to the following (although it is not an exhaustive list):
  • Pat Schnack for coordinating our Meals on Wheels program.
  • Sue Cronin for organizing special events, including this evening, all year long.
  • Gary Haymond for being our treasurer, a very demanding and thankless job.
  • Jack for being a very reliable Sergeant at Arms.
  • Roger Christian coordinating A/V and dishes.
  • Nancy Pacha and Nan Johnson (and others) for working with Interact youth.
  • Brian Adamec for helping us get nuts.
  • Dick Huber for photos and p.r. material.
  • Elaine Shalla and Liz Nichols for being secretary, a very time consuming job.
  • To the new, younger members who helped lower our average membership age by more than 2 years!
  • A big thanks to Carl for bringing sage advice, wry humor and a beating heart each week.
  • Randy Willman for Rotarians in the News.
  • Liz Nichols, the Knapp’s and the Schultz’s for many hours working with exchange students
  • A way overeducated dishwashing and room cleaning tag team of Liz Loeb, Jim Peterson, Tom Novak (and there are many others who help regularly).
  • A big thanks to the board for working with me and keeping the club running.  Thanks to Casey for advice and to both Casey/Myrene for covering for me when I had to be away.
These are comments from Myrene Hoover about the Year-Ender:
The year-ender provided a great send-off for Mark, made especially significant by the tribute from his brother, James Patton, who is an active Rotarian in District 5970. As past-president, Mark will continue to serve on the board, and will step in for me from time to time.  Mark, Deb Dunkhase, and I will work together to provide seamless transitions from year to year, and continue to involve the board in the decision-making process.
The next twelve months will continue the sound practices of each of our past presidents, and change any procedures only with the support of our membership.  During the month of July, time during each meeting will be set aside for committee meetings and social time, along with club member or Rotary related presentations.  We'll all strive to fulfill the 2015-16 international mission of Rotary--to be a gift to the world.