Posted by Liz Nichols on Apr 03, 2018
Dr. David Johnson, Dean of the UI School of Dentistry, spoke about how oral health impacts total health.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Dr. Astrid Medina-- Bogota Centenario Rotary Club
Dan Kramer-- Guest of John Ockenfels
David Johnson-- Speaker
Welcome back to Mike O'Leary!
Chris Knapp introduced Dr. Astrid Medina from Bogota.  She is in town for preparation of a grant to help Colombian orthopedic surgeons to learn the Ponseti Method.  She is working with two Colombian Rotary districts to support training for 28 surgeons.
Phil Peterson reminded us that 50 years ago tomorrow Martin Luther King was killed in Memphis.  He also noted that the World Happiness Report is out for this year.  The happiest people in the world are found in Finland and the unhappiest in Burundi.
Deb Ockenfels will bring sign-up sheets for people to volunteer to help out with the Toast at the Radisson in Coralville on April 13.
Kate and Amanda introduced the Spring Fever Trivia to be held on Friday, May 11 at 7 pm at the Clarion Highlander.  There are sign-up forms available and sign-up will also be available on Eventbrite.
Liz Nichols said that we have selected a girl from Italy as our next inbound exchange student.  We are in the process of completing the interview process for the first host family and getting the necessary sign-off from West High.  We are looking for two more host families.
Dick Huber said he is looking for sponsors for the World Bike Relief- TAKO fundraiser on June 2.
Mike Messier wants us to save the date, May 21, to volunteer for the Community Foundation golf event.
There will be a playground work day from 8-12 and Can Sorting starting at 9 at the North Dodge location both next Saturday morning.
Dr. David Johnson said that there is growing evidence that oral health and general health are linked both directions.  Physical ailments like diabetes, strokes, dementia, drug use, acid reflux, and many other physical concerns can all have a negative effect on oral health.  Often the elderly who have always had perfect dental care will start seeing serious dental problems within two years of going into nursing care.  This is because they stop having the ability to take care of their teeth and gums and they often stop going to see a dentist regularly.
The UI Dental School has a mobile unit that goes to 10 elderly care centers around Iowa.  However, this is out of 400 such centers.
Some of the things that are needed for optimal dental care include regular check-ups, flouride treatment, flossing and dental insurance (sometimes used as an employee benefit.)
It has been said that good oral health will add up to ten years to a person's life.