The Speaker at this Rotary meeting was Janet Schlapkohl, a local playwright and director of a non-profit theater called Combined Efforts Theater.


President Mark Patton opened the meeting.

Guests and Visiting Rotarians:

Jack Cameron introduced our guests:

Chris Knapp - outbound student Hannah and her mother, and Rick Zimmerman; Greg Probst - Eleanora Cherubini; Hazel Seaba -  Gregorio Sanchez


Rotarians in the News:

Dave Parsons – Last week Ryan Dye was on NPR, because he heads the Middle East Institute at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, IA.


Announcements and Special Activity:

Volunteers were recruited for jobs: dishes, scribe.

MiniProject: Each table worked together to name the capitals of 7 countries. No one named them all correctly; some countries had multiple capitals.

Other Announcements:

- Deb Galbraith: open house for Sophie Horstmann and Eleanora Cherubini, Rotary Exchange Students will be at Deb’s house on Sunday, May 3.

- Myrene Hoover: needs program managers for next year.

- Mike Messier: District Conference will be held this coming weekend at the Marriott. A parking pass is available on request. Volunteers can have access to the AAA parking lot. The easiest parking for conference is in the ramp. The fee for pre-registration ($125) included everything except Thursday night.

- Jack Cameron needs 2 volunteers from 7-noon on Friday morning.

- Roger needs TV monitors with power connections – Sue Cronin will provide them. - Karin Franklin encouraged members to purchase raffle tickets at conference.

Mike Messier announced a conference meeting following this meeting.

Chris Knapp reported that 30-35 projects will be on display at the conference. Viewing them can help the Rotarian discover what is being done with Rotary grant money.

- John Ockenfels had accolades for all those who have helped prepare for the district conference.


Happy Bucks:

Eleanora Cherubini could see no reason not to be happy! Additional Happy Bucks were announced by: Jim Peterson, Liz Loeb, Tom Langenfeld, Carl Christensen, Sandy Kray, Peggy Doerge, Dick Huber, Mike Messier, Chris Knapp, Casey Cook, Sue Cronin, Jack Cameron, and Mark Patton.


Speaker: Janet Schlapkohl playwright, author, director

Jack Tank introduced Janet Schlapkohl who was then interviewed by Casey Cook in his “What Jazzes You Up?” style.  Janet, a former special education teacher at City High, holds a summer camp at her home/farm; is a writer of plays; performs in one woman shows; leads Combined Efforts Theater (inclusive: young people who have special needs as well as general folks). The theater is supported only by ticket sales: mens choir, dance company, acting company (

Interview: Casey gave Janet chocolate because of a comment she once made that special ed teachers don’t get enough chocolate.  Some of her shows have been “Camo (Camel?) (Cameaux?), the Musical”, “Walking the Wire”, and both have been presented at Riverside Theater.

How to support Combined Efforts Theater: The next production is a wandering audience event to be held at Janet’s family acreage and she will need help with a fundraiser/gala. Volunteer opportunities abound. The theater has participated in fundraisers for many other organizations.

If you want to act, you can probably get a role in a show with Combined Efforts!

How did Janet get started on this? At City High, some of the kids did some actually funny stuff, and her first year there she held a sort of alternative show and she got into this.

Janet lives off Sharon Center Road, near the Welsh Church…but you can take a gravel road to get there. She writes her own shows/plays, and she writes people in to (and out of) the plays. She has learned not to expect everyone to be at all rehearsals. If you want involvement, you have to be less rigid. Janet was informed that Rotary Grass Roots Grants are available to local nonprofits such as hers and several members said they would look into providing one to her group.


Respectfully submitted, Joan Garrity.