Susan Murty was the greeter for today.  President Casey called the meeting order at 7:00 AM.

Chris Knapp led us in song.


Many Thanks went out to Elaine who was able to get connecting flights for the club members that went to Guatemala for Iowa Most. The Ockenfel’s , Knapp’s, and Tae Sun went to the Muscatine club on Monday Feb. 17, to hear International President Elect Gary Huang.                                                                        There were many other happy members.


February 23 is the Birthday of Rotary.  Past International President Ray Klinginsmith with be having a Birthday Party in Kirksville, MO February 22 and February 23, 2014.

Saturday February 22, there is a Grant Seminar in West Liberty 9:00 am -2:00 pm.  Bryan Clemons offered rides for club members interested in going.

Wednesday February 19, there will be a free concert at City High at 7:30 pm featuring Michael Schnack and Ann Elise Schoenecker.

Dance for Humanity will be held February 22, 2014 at Old Brick.

Bowl for Kid’s Sake is coming up March 1.  The Rotarian team is “Rotarians from the Gutter”.

Sign up for the Iowa Ladies Football Academy is now available at Iowa Ladies Football

May 2, & May 3 is District Conference in Ames, Iowa at the Gateway Hotel.

Board Meeting February 27, 2014.

President Cook called on Hazel Seabra who is from Michigan, to ask her “What Jazzes you up”? Questions were:  Do you like your job?  Keys to eventful retirement.  She was asked to choose one.  She chose “I like My Job”. Hazel is the Professor of The College of Pharmacy. One of the reasons that she really likes her job is that she has had the opportunity to change positions and advance at the right times in her life.  She currently is the Director of Admissions for the College of Pharmacy.  This entails working with the curriculum and assessments. She says that success is built on the ability to talk to people.  Her first trip to Xicotepec was due to the fact that Jim Peterson had ask her to go.  She said this was one of the most rewarding experiences that has helped her in her career.


The speaker for today was Dr. Don Racheter, President of the Public Interest Institute since 2005, the  Public Policy Research Institute, or “Think Tank: located on the campus of Iowa Wesleyan College in Mount Pleasant, IA.  Dr. Racheter has been a long-time activist in the local, state and national political process, and a leader of such organizations as the Iowa Conference of Political Scientists, the Iowa Association of Scholars, the Iowa Association of Political Scientist, the Midwest and American Political Science.  He is a decorated Lt. Colonel, retired after 26 years in the US Amy and Reserves graduated with honors from the Univ. of Michigan receiving a MA and PH.D in Political Science from the Univ. of Iowa. Served as Professor of Political Science for Central College in Pella, IA and Director of its Pre-Law Program until his retirement in 2005.

Dr. Racheter said that the earlier that you get involved, the more influence you will have. This concept is known as the” Magnifier Effect.  If you exert participation, it will be seen as more than what you have participated.  We have a great opportunity in Iowa being the first caucus to lead the way.

Our founding fathers looked a politics as duty, today it is a well-paying position.

He stated that closer to home there was a grandfather who was unhappy with parking fees at the University OF Iowa Hospitals. He started Gramps for Ramps and the parking rate was cut from $18 per day to $10 per day.

He encouraged everyone to write to their congressman.  If you do not receive the response you wanted, write again.  It is the duty and responsibility of citizenship to participate in public policy.

President the meeting at 7:55 am.

Respectively Submitted,

Vernette Knapp, Scribe