Pam Ehly, March Program Coordinator introduced Superintendent of ICCSD Matt Degner.  The program today is K-12 Education and Covid-19.  Matt spent two years as Principle at S. E. Junior High.   He has learned that "Kind is better than Right".  85% of the staff has been vaccinated in the school system.  Beginning February 15, the state mandated that schools had to be in person  70% are in person and 30% still on line.  His passion is technology.  A website was developed for Covid-19.  Dash board is showing 72 students and 9 staff with the virus. 
President Amy called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Rotarian's in the news: Nancy Pacha was on TV receiving her vaccine at Oaknoll. 
Gratitude and Moments of Joy:  Nancy Pacha spoke about her moments of joy with the 1440 West High Interact.  She was able to connect with Abby a former president of Interact 2000-2001.  Abby had said that Interact helped her to develop Leadership Skills.  She works for Netflicts in product development.
Nancy is grateful for our club in Rotary.  She is grateful to all her family.
March Anniversaries:  Dick Huber and Vernette Knapp 8 years, John Ockenfels 35 years and Randy Willman 22 years.
President Elect Liz Nichols said that she had sent a survey of four questions to everyone.  This survey is to help her be able to set goals and show participation of club members.  50% of the club has submitted survey.  Please complete as soon as possible.  If you did not get or need help, contact Liz.
Brad Langguth said that the RI International Convention in 2025 will be in Calgery.  When he was President Elect, he and his family went to the RI Convention that was in Calgery. There was much discussion of the importance of attending an RI Convention. 
Matt continued his presentation with the fact that this year has been difficult for teacher, staff, students and parents. The Goal was to keep everyone healthy.  Masks were required!!
The website had a Return to Learn:  Different model, health and safety, academic focus, equity-fairness to everyone, flexibility for parents to have choices.
He does feel now that now there are more people being vaccinated, that things will begin to improve.
The meeting adjourned at 8:05 am.