Jean Knepper, February Program Coordinator, introduced Jeremy Endsley and his team from Community Transportation Committee(CTC) CTC is a 501c(3) tax deductible charity founded in 2015.  The mission is to expand affordable transportation options for low-income workers in Johnson County.
Why Transportation: Access to employment access to affordable housing, access to healthy food and medical and mental health service.  What do they do:  Advocacy and Direct Service.  Advocacy:  Determine and address gaps in transit services for low income workers, educate city council member on the issues.  Encourage better coordination among Iowa City and Coralville systems. Participate in MPO passenger transportation plan.
President Amy called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Gratitude and Joy was shared by Jennifer Skarda.  She is grateful to all members, especially Hazel and Amy for their leadership and always being joyful.   She is grateful for the health care worker and front line workers. She is grateful that our democracy has survived. She is grateful  for her children, family, friends, and her dog.
President Amy said that Rotary has a 116th Birthday today.
PDG and Foundation Chair  Chris Knapp presented Amy Nicholson with her Paul Harris certificate and cheveron to be worn with her Paul Harris pin. To become a member of the Paul Harris Society you must give $1,000 per year and hope you continue for 10 years and beyond to become a major donor.    There are 92 Paul Harris Society in the District.  Chris also mentioned that the District has received two $25,000 for Rotary International.  One for Food Insecurity and the other for Derecho.
DGE Alka Khanolkar mentioned several educational opportunities to sign up for Zoom meetings.  Grant Management:  February 27th and March 3rd.   President Elect Training will be over several days in March.
CTC did a 2015 transit survey.  30 % of respondents lost their jobs or stop looking for jobs due to transportation . The most difficult time to get work is late night, early morning, and Sundays.The cost of a bus pass can be a financial burden.  50% of respondents earned less than $10,00074During the Covid-19 employment project they have provided 10,000 rides for job search and on the job training. Distributed non profits, low income workers Shelter House, Inside Out and DVIP, Coralville Pantry. How can you DONATE:   Give monthly:  http;// or a one time donation:
Every dollar provides a round trip bus ride.
President Amy adjourned the meeting with the 4-Way test at 7:50 am.