On April 19, 2022, Mark Patton introduced Mark Rummel, the City of Iowa City’s Associate Director of Transportation, who spoke to Iowa City's AM Rotary Club about Iowa City transit’s new electric bus initiative, which is funded by a combination of state and federal grants in conjunction with a partnership with MidAmerican. Mr. Rummel posed the question “Why Electric Buses?” The reasons included, but were not limited to, “reduce Iowa City’s carbon emissions” and electric buses are quieter than Iowa City’s existing diesel buses. Mr. Rummel spoke of the challenges, including making sure the electric buses can fit in Iowa City’s existing bus facility and under the Iowa Avenue railroad bridge (yes, but very slowly). However, Iowa City bus routes have recently been redesigned, and many routes no longer require buses to go under this railroad bridge. Mr. Rummel said that electric buses will be charged at two charging stations (this number is expected to increase). Iowa City’s electric buses were built in California and have a new colorful design. The expected battery life is about twelve years. There are four buses now, and Iowa City expects up to twenty-five. Iowa City will have a bus bash for the public in two weeks [Friday, May 6] by Big Grove at the Riverfront Crossings Park.
Liz Nichols, AM Rotary President, called the April 19, 2022, meeting to order. Casey Cook mentioned there is a golf outing on May 23 to benefit the JC Community Foundation, Deb Ockenfels will be delivering shoes to a local school, and John Ockenfels stated the CanDo project needs volunteers who can sign up on the signup genius and that an iron lung will be displayed at the conference hotel near the entrance. Liz Nichols announced that on May 2nd, AM Rotary members can join with Downtown Rotary members at Big Grove to meet new Rotarians who are members of the AM club (who attend PM meetings).