Posted by Vernette Knapp on Mar 26, 2019
Speaker, Nancy A. Slach
Announcements:  4-1-19 Min. Golf Fundraiser, 4-1-19, Trivia, Community Foundation Golf Tournament-Many opportunities to volunteer.
Deb Dunkhase gave a report on the Iowa Most (Miles of Smiles) trip to Guatemala. Thanks goes out Amy Nicholson, Tom Novak , Deb Ockenfels for going on the trip and all their work on the mission.  A thanks to Elaine Shalla for all the travel arrangements each year, Liz Loeb  for the blankets that were made and Karin for all the miscellaneous tasks that she has completed on the many missions.  The mission helped 72 patients.  Deb stated  thanked the Rotary Club of Huehuentenango for developing the relationship and partnership over the years that has made the missions successful!
Jim Peterson and Phil Peterson had just returned from Xicotopec.   Both Rotarian's said that the mission went  very well.
Ann Romanowski, program chair , introduced Nancy A. Slach. Nancy works for Periodontics, University of Iowa. 
Her presentation was titled "Electronic Cigarettes:  Weighing the Pros and Cons
Nancy covered the basics of what electronic cigarettes and how they are regulated .  The electronic cigarette is made of liquids or e- juice, battery powered, may have nicotine, propylene  glycol,  vegetable glycerin, flavorings and other chemicals. In June of 2018 there was a mice study showing damage to lungs, bladder and heart.  E-Cigarettes should not be used by pregnant women, youth as their brain has not yet developed, and anyone with any mental issues.
Can E-Cigarettes help people stop smoking.  The FDA has not approved.
For further information Nancy's email is: