President Amy talked about her goals over the last year: 18 members filled committee slots, 31 members service projects, sponsored new members, District Training and District Conference.  It was a year of Zoom and six pop-up socials.   We completed two grants Human Trafficking Bill Boards and Buddy Benches.  Chartered a Rotaract Club and continued with the Interact Clubs.  She talked about Where did the money come from?  What did our Dues fund, Where did we distribute money for and the Generous Giving. 80% of the members paid full dues during the Pandemic.  The projects she wants to continue are Can Do, working on the By-Laws, finishing a new member brochure about the Rotary and our Club.  Research potential new meeting sites and testing Hybrid before going live on July 13th. 
President Amy presented plaques to the outgoing Directors:  Amanda McFadden, Tom Langenfeld, and Mike O'Leary.  Tom and Mike were not in attendance.  Plaques will be delivered.
President Amy passed the Gavel to President Elect Liz Nichols. 
President Amy called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Mark Ruggeburg presented the "Golden Turkey" to Deb Ockenfels.  Deb had made a mask for the turkey.  The turkey has been vaccinated.  Deb said that the turkey needed a vacation until it comes back to our club in August. She took the mask off.    The Food Fight will run from July 1, 2021 thru July 31, 2021.  There is a contest to name the turkey.  
RYLA will be held at Coe College.  The number of students is about 1/2 of the normal class in attendance. 
Gratitude and Joy was shared by President Amy.  She is grateful for her great family,  parents giving her many talents.  The is thankful for her children.  14 years ago she lost a daughter.  She has Kyle and Amy.  She is grateful for the Rotary Club and her Rotary friends.  
President Amy Presented Past President Hazel a banner for being 3rd in the District for Annual Giving in 2019-2020 and the Polio Certificate. 
President Liz talked about her goals of getting a new location decided or go back to Kirkwood Room.  Time will tell. 
We will need to to be nimble, flexible, as we work through the challenges of the next few months.  The Theme this year is Serve to Change Lives.  We are to Grow More and Do More.  She is hoping to retain 74 members, get a successful Hybrid up and running by no later than September.
President Liz wants to use the Rule of 85: At least 20 years of Rotary plus your age.  There are apx. 21 members that fit this category. 
Deb Ockenfels wants all members to to think about writing "What Rotary means to them".  These notes will be place in each pair of shoes. 
The July 6, 2021 meeting will be at Upper City Park Shelter 3.  This will be a Club Assembly to discuss some of the goals of the Action Teams. 
The meeting adjourned at 8:00 am.