Kate Sojko, Program Coordinator for September introduced speakers Guy Courtney and Anita Laurence.  Their presentation was on Coral Reef Restoration
Guy spoke about he Under Water World. People enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling. He showed a short film by Dr. Joanie Klepas showing that 71% of the earths surface is created by the ocean.  75% of the air we breathe is produced in the ocean. "NO Matter Where You Live, The Ocean Impacts You"
The Great Barrier Reef spans 1600 miles from Green Bay Wisconsin to Miami, Florida.
President Amy called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Taylor Wertheim, former Youth Exchange Student form 2013 was a guest. Three Birthdays were celebrated:  Deb Dunkhase, Joan Garity, and Valerie Martin.   Anniversaries:  Karin Franklin, 28 Yrs., Phil Peterson, 21 Yrs., Deb Dunkhase 9 Yrs., Jenny Seylar, 2 Yrs.  The food fight is continued through the 1st week of September.  Please donate, as the Downtown Club is beating us.  Jim Peterson talked about the Global Grant for $137,000 for two wells in Western Tanzania.  Our club contributed $3,000.  Jennifer Blair and Ambassadorial Scholar was instrumental in helping with this grant.
Guy continued to talk about Coral Reef.  40% of the ocean wildlife depends on coral reef.  A 2 degrees temperature change in the ocean is deadly to coral reef.
The Mission Ocean Reef Story with Jacques Cousteau was a project that Guy was involved with.
The mission of Coral Reef Restoration is to Repair, Rebuild, and Relax.  The organization is attracting high school students and young adults. 
The Mission Coral Reef Restoration needs you help.  You can join on boat or on land, share this message, and support financially.
The 4-Way test was recited.
The meeting adjourned at 8:00 am.