Jean Knepper, February Program Coordinator, introduced speaker Lidja Stojanovic National Resource Director of Bur Oak Land Trust.
The priority of Bur Oak Land Trust is to protect and conserve national areas locally since 1978.  The Trust protects 176,000 acres.  Preservation of diversity and quality habitat, enhance habitat, community education and recreation outreach.  Who are they:  Funded in 1978, currently protecting 800 acres in three Iowa Counties.  They are a 501C3 funded via community support/Fed/State.  Bur Oak protects wetlands properties in the Solon area. The properties have been donated, supported by grants and donors. Big Grove
Preserves: provides shady outdoor world with community year round activities. Presents online and in person workshops, volunteer projects and youth groups.
President Amy called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Moments of Joy was shared by Deb Ockenfels.  She stated that going to sewing classes at Open Heartland gave her great joy in helping people learn to sew. She feeds deer corn and has a heated drinking bowl.
She is blessed with time and financial means to help many people.  She is not asking for praise.  She is grateful that she is able to help many people and hopes that they will find that the simple things she does is not difficult. Her focus things are not hard to do to help people and she is grateful she is able to do just that.
President Amy announced several members had achieved multiple Paul Harris.  John Staley +2, Deb Galbraith +1 Nancy Stensvaag +2
Roger Christian +5, Frank Juvan +3
Deb Dunkhase thanked Mark Ruggeburg for steeping up to be co-treasurer for Iowa Most.
Lidja continued her talk on Bur Oak with telling us about Iowa most endangered species:  7 mammal, 13 bird, 19 fish, 17 reptiles, 4 amphibians, 32 butterfly, 9 snail, 15 mussels, and 386 plants.
She also showed maps of 1830-1850 showing the open land that could support woodlands and lots of the above mentioned species.
Today much of the land is 65% cropland:  beans and corn, 13% pasture, 77% developed, 7%forest, 4% grassland and 4% wetland.
President Amy adjourned the meeting with the 4-Way Test at 8:00 am