Our Own Casey Cook does "What Jazzes You Up" with new member Taylor Wertheim and Allie Stutting.
Taylor is a former Rotary Youth Exchange Student 2013-2014 and Rotex Member 2014-2018, helping the Youth Exchange Committee train Inbound and Outbound students at training events.  She is currently employed by AmeriCorp working with low income high income students to enroll in college. 
Allie is a former RYLA student and counselor.  She is very involved with Dance Marathon.  She is employed by The University of Iowa with the Foundation.
President Amy called the meeting to order at 7:05 am. President Amy was delighted to welcome two new members today.
Taylor Wertheim, sponsored by Vernette Knapp and Allie Stutting sponsored by Greg Probst.  Taylor is a former RYE student for 2013-2014 going to Italy.  Allie is a former RYLA student and Counselor.  She is very involved in Dance Marathon.  See Story Brief for more details.
Announcements:  Deb Ockenfels said that her family Christmas will continue to support the Warm Coat Project.  The Rotary club of Iowa City will order, her family will support DVIP and Open Heartland.
Pam Ehly announced that the speaker gifts this year will go to projects of books, instructions for activities for the Children's Museum.
Casey Cook continued to learn more about Taylor.  Her fiance is in Medical School.  Next year she may go to Grad School.  Taylor will pursue working in the Education System. Casey asked Taylor what a perfect day would be.  She said that her perfect day is centered around food.  Breakfast would be cinnamon rolls, a summer day in the 80's, taking a walk around water, lunch would be Italian Pasta, and dinner would be Korean Barbeque.
She enjoys knitting, making a sweater and walking.  She was born in Indiana and then moved to Ottumwa. What she learned from being a youth exchange student:  She was able to get other people's perspective and learning how to adjust to other enviornments.
Casey started Allie's Jazzes You Up and will be continued next time.   She was born in Preston Iowa, around the Quad Cities.
She is very involved with Dance Marathon.  She works with over 3,000 students.  The minimum  dollar amount to participate is $500.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 am.