Casey Cook program today was "What Jazzes You Up".
The members today interviewed were Allison Bettine and Jennifer De La Cruz
President Nicholson called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  The Greeter was Deb Dunkhase.  Chris Knapp led the club in Happy Birthday to Rotarian's with July Birthdays.   Amy had her brother Chas Wilson Zooming from California to congratulate Amy on her first meeting. 
President Nicholson read the list of Members Perfect Attendance.  Over half of the Club had perfect Attendance.  In a normal year, Certificates would have been passed out.  If you would like a perfect certificate please email Vernette and she will mail one to you.
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Deb Ockenfels had talked with Michele Cole at CommUnity.  A second location is being identified by August to accept produce.  At this time, the Food Fight is on.  Please mail checks to:  CommUnity, 1121 Gilbert St., Iowa City, IA. Identify on the memo line, Rotary Club of Iowa City AM Food Fight . 
Deb Dunkhase thanked everyone who donated to Open Heartland.  They were able to to deliver 990 bags of food to 5 mobile home parks.  She also thanked all those that have donated clothing, especially children's clothing.
Tom Novak will be moving to Walnut Street.  He is downsizing-3500-1500 sq. ft.
Casey continued with Allison and Jennifer.  Allison is an only child.  She was raised in a Military.  She lived in Arizona, Tennessee, Chicago and then moving to Iowa City to go to College.  She is almost finished with her Bachelors Degree.  She is majoring in Art History.  She has just changed jobs to The Shelter House where she is The Housing Case Manager.  She works with people leaving the shelter to get them settled in their home.  She teaches skills, how to live successfully, learn to be a good neighbor, teach them how to be a successful tenant.  She thanked Nancy and Gary Pacha for teaching her to dedicated, and helpful to all people.
Jennifer has a younger sister and grew up in Chicago.    She moved to Iowa Cit to attend College.  As a young girl she attended church camps.  Their favorite roommate are their cats. She works at CommUnity.
Thank to you both for an outstanding program.
Mark Patton announced that August 3rd with be a private tour for the four Rotary clubs The Extreme Arena at 4:30 pm.  There will be social distancing and masks are required.
Many members were happy:  Myrene and HD 25th Anniversary. Pam Ely and her husband 42nd