Casey Cook spoke today on Solar Energy Pros and Cons.  He wants to try new things and better for the environment.  Casey started this project as an Economic Benefit with solar panels on:  Quality Care, Casey's office building, Good Will, Human Serivces, and an Indian Tribe in Nevada. 
Why do this?  To save money, take advantage of various tax credit, invest some of his future welfare, and diversified as not sure of the stock market. 
Case Study Mall Drive:  Size 20 KWH $50,000 Tax savings $27,000, electric savings of $2,300 per year. The units typically have 5 years of production.  It all depends on the sunlight. 
On home you may get 25 years.   The benefits, environmental, federal and state incentives, saves energy and there are ecological rewards. 
These projects must be monitor weekly, cheapest is not the best.  CA is less expensive.  You must expect challenges and tenacity is required.
President Liz called the meeting to order at 7:05 A.M.  DG Alka joined us today.   She said this month is Peace and Conflict Resolution Month. March 5th will be celebration of the "Can DO" project opening to the public. 
GMS:  February 22 West Liberty and March 6 Both are Hybrid. Both PE Jenny and PN Theresa will be signing up for NC PETS.  Jenny will also be attending Assembly April 2.
Deb Ockenfels announced that she had purchased 35 pairs of shoes and socks.   She delivered to DVIP.
Chris Knapp announced speakers for Saturday at District Conference.  Sat. am PDG David Forward speaking on "The Power of One". Saturday Luncheon RN Rachel Fischer, Human Trafficking Survivor, Sat. evening:  Dr. Todd (Bow Tie) Jenkins.  Saturday Luncheon we will be honoring "Everyday Heroes":  Doctors, nurses, and teachers. 
Thursday:  President's meetings 11-3 or 7-8. 
Meeting adjourned at 8:07 am.