Mark Patton, April Program Coordinator introduced Dr. Hauns House.  Dr. House gave us a Covid-19 update. Dr. House said that we were in the 4th wave with the Variant B117 the UK variant.  Michigan is the worst state with his thought that Florida will be next. Both the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines are effective for the variant B117 and less effect for the South African B1351.  The Astrazenca moderately effective n the B117 and ineffective on the B1351.  There are risk of blood clots with this vaccine.  The object is to get the Herd Immunity.  Everyone 16 and older is available for the vaccine at this time. Dr. House stated that there is reluctance from some people mainly Republicans. Some schools may require the vaccine to return to school this fall. He said that he expects a full stadium for Hawkeye Football this fall. There will most likely be a Covid season in the late fall and winter. He said domestic travel is fine but cautioned on International Travel until mid to late fall 2022.
His hope is that by mid 2022 all kids will be vaccinated.  He says there will  need to be a booster, however, time line has not been determined..
There were many great questions for Dr. House.
President Amy called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Rotarian's in the news. Karin Franklin had an article in the opinion page of the Gazette. 
Gratitude and Joy was presented by PDG Herb Wilson.  He joined Rotary in 1963.  They  had 3 boys and a surprise girl Amy.  Rotary has meant a lot to both Herb and Janice.  Travels and friendships among the few.  He is grateful for Dr. Ponsetti and his amazing work with Club Foot.  Herb was instrumental in beginning the Rotary Action Group for Club Foot. He stated that The Rotary Foundation was the best in the World.
Amy announced there were several events on April 24, 2021:  Tree Planting, Roadside Cleanup, and District Conference in Ankeny at the Marriott Hotel and by Hybrid.  Please sign up today.  April 28, 2021 there will be a Mini-One Rotary Summit two cover the three pillars of Rotary:  Membership, Public Image and The Rotary Foundation.  Deb Ockenfels said that she can get 240 pairs of children's socks for $144.00
Vernette Knapp gave the Polio Update:  The Rotary Club of Iowa AM had 19 donors for a total collected $2,008.43.  There were 3 polio riders.
The District had 7 clubs participate with a total of $10,143.00.
The meeting adjourned at 8:15 am.