Deb Dunkhase introduced Cassie Elton owner of Antelope Lending Library and Book Mobile: speaker for today.  The Book Mobile began in 2012. The mission of Open Heartland is provide full and equal access to information at no fee and no barriers.  Common barriers are:  transportation-no car, geography-living in county, language, documentation-no ID, money.  Public libraries require identification-borrowers need ID to obtain a library card.   The Book Mobile began in 2012 with a budge of $5,000.  In 2021 a second Book Mobile was purchased for $75,000.  There are five part time people and eight regular volunteers.  They serviced one day care, 9 neighborhoods serving 66 households. In 2020 home delivery began to 992 residents with 5, 230 books. Partners:  Johnson County Foundation. Iowa City Schools, North Liberty Library, Day Dreams Comics, Haunted Bookshop, Children Museum, Prairie Lights, Open Heartland, City of Iowa City, Coralville Public Library, South District, Porch Light.
2021:  Where does the money go?  5 part time staff, vehicle, driver, supplies, fuel, office space, fundraising, marketing materials, books and signage. 
For more information:  Cassie Elton phone number :  319-343-6872
President Liz called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Thursday September 30, 2021 will be a special board meeting to discuss due structure. 
Deb Ockenfels is hosting a shoe and sock sorting parting beginning at 9:30 am Today.  
Sunday, October 3, 2021 will be a Fall family fun day at Lake MacBride, sail boat shelter.  Bring Lawn chairs and enjoy.
October 20, 2021 will be Virtual One Rotary Summit.
October 30, 2021 is Rotary Leadership institute in Mt. Pleasant.  
Deb Dunkhase announce that on Wednesday evening Paco from Guatemala will do a hybrid meeting on a non-profit he is in charge of .
Meeting adjourned 8:00 am.