Kate Sojka program chair for September introduced speaker Laura Elfers, Educational Engagement Director for Silos and Smokestacks Heritage Area.
"Where the American Agriculture Comes to Life" Part of a Military Landscape recognized by Congress for its unique contribution to the American Experience.  Why Agriculture?  Ranked as the greatest achievement of the 20th Century. 
"Food is the Moral Right of All who Born into the World"  Dr. Norman Borlaug for Cresco Iowa, boyhood home.  The top soil in Iowa use to be a 14-16&  grade now has dropped down to 6-8%.
President Amy called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Deb Ockenfels announced that the Golden Turkey now has a mask and was delivered to Mark Ruggeburg of the Rotary Club of Downtown. There will be a pop up social at 9:00 am City Park Pool. 
The Club has decided to give to $10,000 to the Johnson County Community Foundation.  Casey Cook will match these funds making the balance at the Foundation $100,000.  One Rotary Summit will be October 22, 2020 by Zoom for aprx. 1 1//2 hours  long.
Allie Stutting and Taylor Wertheim were voted on by the Board to be members.  They will be inducted in a couple weeks.
Deb Dunkhase announce that since the Iowa Most Mission for 2021 is cancelled, there will be an Iowa Most Hope Fundraiser.  The money will be used for a mobile clinic to be used to help keep the people happy.  Deb also said she has an extra 50 lbs of salmon to sell.
Deb Ockenfels announced that their family will be giving coats for Christmas.
If any club is interested, please send the funds to Deb O.
Laura continued her presentation stating that she was from Charles City.  She talked about the green and yellow meaning John Deere. 
Pioneer Hybrid seed corn. Kinsey Farm Innovative Farm Equipment, 1876 Coralville School House connected with Johnson County Historical Society. The U of I Museum of Natural History, Iowa River-Gazebo.  All of these are part of National Heritage Area.
Annually visitors:  3.1mllion.  #309 Million, 75% state impact,  7, 089 jobs.
To donate to Project Pollinator:  Send funds to Silos and Smokestacks 44th St., Waterloo, Iowa
They provide Field Trip Awards 75% of total amount award $350., an Internship program, Ag in the Classroom workshops.
Participate in Site Training Workshops.
President Amy adjourned the meeting with The 4-Way Test.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00