Posted by Vernette Knapp on Oct 08, 2019
Casey Cook was the MC for "What Jazzes You Up".  This meeting participants were:  Newest Member Zach Payne and Eric Nurnburg.  He also called on a Charter member plus five years of being a Rotarian Roger Christian.
President Seaba called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Anniversaries for October 11, Roger Christian 35 years and October 12, John McKinistry 25 years.
" Rotarians in the news"  was Tom Novak noted  for his  philanthropy.  Announcement all Club Luncheon at Hilton Garden Inn October 10, 2019.  The Polio Awareness Event will be held October 24, 2019 at the Top floor of the Midwest One Building from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Minimum Donation $25 and bring a bottle of wine to share.   The Guardian of Integrity selection this year if for Tom Novak.  This award will be awarded at District Conference June 25th or 26th.  President Seaba thanked Chris and Vernette Knapp for hosting the Month Opener on Monday, October 7th.  President Seaba is asking for a volunteer to spear head the November 4th event to be held in a bar.  Duties include:  Selecting the venue and ordering a couple of appetizers for the members to share.  
Karen Franklin is looking for about 6 members to help take District Governor Morain around to our projects sites of:  Can Do, The Bike Trailer, and the Playground.
Casey Cook continued the "What Jazzes You Up" talking with Zach Payne, from Layfayette, LA then moving to Ottumwa, IA. He is married to Chelsey and she is a nurse who  is originally from Knoxville, IA.   Zach's  was celebrating his first day  of employment at Green State Credit Union.
Eric Nurnburg was also interviewed.  Eric wanted to be a Policeman, and ended up being a Fireman.  He enjoys the work very much.
He talked a lot of being in charge of your emotional state of mind.  He was in the Marines and being a fireman is very similar in thinking.
Both Zach and Eric really love Iowa City and that it has to offer.
They both commented that they joined because of the friendliness and welcoming coming from all the members of the club.
Roger talked about the kindness of the club and how ,in his life his, wife Chris had a great time at the Opener on Monday night.