Assistant Governor Phil Peterson introduced District Governor (DG)  Erna Morain. 
D.G.  Morain spoke about her being from Amsterdam and moving to Iowa.
President Seaba called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  At the board meeting on October 14, Allison Bettine and Jennifer De La Cruz
were approved to be members of the club.  They will be inducted as soon as the paperwork is complete with Rotary International.  October 15-21st Anniversaries:  Valerie Martin 6 years Oct. 15, Margy Winkler 6 years, Myrene Hoover 19 years, Oct. 17, Kathy Bowers 3 Years Oct. 20,
Rachel Marquardt 3 years Oct. 20.  Polio Awareness Social October 24 MidWestOne Bank, 6 pm  Month Opener, Nov. 4th we need a volunteer to organize the event.
Rotarians Bill Koellner from the Rotary Club of West Liberty and PDG Jacque Andrew from the Rotary Club of Jefferson presented Paul Harris Society awards to Roger and Chris Christian and Greg and Edna Probst.  Chris and Vernette Knapp were presented with their Major Donor @
2.   Chris, District Foundation Chair said that the partners should be thanked as it is a joint decision to make a contribution to The Rotary Foundation .
President Seaba introduced Amanda McFadden Deb Dunkhase, and Jim Petersoon.  The topic that DG Morain wanted to hear was How Does the Rotary Club of IC A.M. Club "Connects to the World"  Amanda spoke on Youth Exchange.  We have hosted 27 Youth Exchange students in 30 years.   We have sent several outbound students during this time.  Deb spoke on Iowa Most and our reach out mission  to Guatemala for Cleft lip and palet surgeries.  Jim Peterson spoke on our Global grant to Paraguay and Argentina.  He also spoke of going on the mission
to Xicotepec.  This will be the 19th year for the mission.
DG Morrin spoke on her goal of every club doing something for Food Insecurity.  She talked of her Festival 6000 being held at Prairie Meadows on June 25-27.  She will have a gavel passing on Friday June 26, between the Presidents and President Elects.  She will also pass the gavel to DGE Steve Morain.  There will be free time to go to Adventure Land or shopping.  DG Morain told us that 45 Million Rotarian's have volunteered  360,540 hours.  This equates to $850,000. 
President adjourned the meeting at 8:05 am.  Tour of Area IC A.m. Club Projects was given by Karin Franklin, Dick Huber, Mark Patton and Pam Ehly.