Jack Tank introduced the speaker Cassie Elton, owner of Antelope Lending Library.  Cassie said tat Antelope Lending Library is a non-profit book mobile library.  The goal of the library is to provide library service to the communities in Johnson County.  They offered a Summer Book School Program to five mobile home parks. She has her husband as a volunteer and five part time employees.
President Amy called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  President Amy thanked the Meals on Wheels volunteers:  Liz Nichols, Karen Franklin, Phil Peterson, and Deb Dunkhase.  Jenny Seylar had been working on lunch sacks with a bottle of water included.  This was done through Table to Table.  Past President Hazel Seaba announced that the Club had earned the Rotary Citation 2019-2020.  There were only 6 clubs that earned this citation:  Ames, Ankeny, Iowa City AM, Waukee, Wellman, and West Liberty.
Phil Peterson announced that the Tanzania well project match for $1,000. HEF has collected $7,800 from club members.
Happy Bucks,  Chris and Vernette married 30 years and her birthday.  Nancy Pacha had attended West High Interact.  20 Interact were in attendance.  Deb Dunkhase had presented the Open Heartland to the PEO club.  Deb Ockenfels has received $784 for coats from club members.
During Covid, Cassie asked How can we still serve?   They have an on line sign up or call for the type of books you would , five books were selected, deliveries made on Mondays.   The lending library delivered 1,680 books to 289 readers and 170 households in Johnson county, North Liberty, Iowa City, Coralville, Oxford.   This summer activity packets were also delivered.
The Antelope Lending Library partners with local artists, Iowa Children Museum, Day Time Comics, and local musicians.
Amanda McFadden's husband Walt has constructed little libraries. 
Donations can be made on the website under Sustaining member or one time donation.
The meeting adjourned with the 4-way test at 8:00 am.