Posted by Vernette Knapp on May 14, 2019
Speakers:  Youth Exchange Students:  Pauline LeBlanc and Cristina Cinatto
Antelope Lending Library will have a sale the weekend of Memorial Day Weekend at Cassie's house.
June 15,2019 Ride Fundraiser, also to include Walkers being hosted by all four Iowa City Clubs
Karin Franklin reported that the 20 hours of sweat equity has been completed on the District Grant of the Bicycle Trailer.  The rack was built by Mark Patton and Jim Peterson .  Thanks to the riders that rode with the kids.
Mike Messier thanked all the volunteers that will help May 20, 2019 that will help at the Golf Tournament.  The Tournament usually raises $45,000.  The monies go to the operation and endowment funds for Community Foundation.
She has diagnostic tests to confirm what the spot on her lung is.  She and her son will keep her Rotary family informed. Amy will need us all for support in the next few months.
Speakers:  Pauline LaBlanc Youth Exchange Student from Belgium  living in Mt. Vernon being sponsored District 6000,  Pauline arrived August 1, 2018 and return June 6, 2019.She has been hosted the entire year by Gene and Susan Johnson .  She talked about The difference on Books, vocabulary and what all she has learned from both.
School was very different and hard to  make friends.  She took sewing and food and other subjects. She talked about the difference in family and culture .  The food here is very spicy to her.  She found travel to be long driving for 10 hours by car.  The lack of buses and trains was very interesting to her She stated the difference in driving 16 here, 18 Belgium.  Drinking 21 US, Belgium Beer 16, Alcohol 18.  Pauline was able to benefit form church and praying.  She made many new friends at church.
She had the opportunity to go to California. Washington DC, Milwaukee.  She has loved her host family and thanked everyone for sponsoring her for her exchange
Cristina Cinatto Youth exchange student from Italy, She arrived August 11, 2018.  She will be leaving early June. At school she has taken many subjects, some to include Philosophy, Economic, Algebra II, Government, Art and Theatre.  She did cross country, track and soccer. Her host family included Eric Goers and family and Tom Paulsen and family.  In March she was able to go Xicotepec, Mexico and being a part of the team helping children.  She enjoyed District Conference.  She ejoyed   and has art pieces that will be at Arts Fest June 1,2, 2019. She thanked everyone for the opportunity to be hosted by the Rotary Club.  She also thanked her host families. She had the opportunity to travel with both host families.
She is having a Graduation party May 25,  everyone is invited.