Deb Galbraith, May Program Coordinator, introduced speaker Dr. Maureen(Micki) McCue, Physicians for Social Responsibility.  Her topic:  Climate Change is Sickening.  This year is the 50th year of Earth Day, every day should be Earth Day.  Climate change also brings health concerns. Earth has been warming .02 36 degrees warmer.  Last year was the 2nd hottest year on record with 2016 being the 1st... The components:  Global Warming, Global Change , Climate Chaos or Climate Weary, Climate Stress, and Climate Hazard.Dr. McCue talked about degrees of death in a 10 year span in several countries. We have seen higher temperatures, drought, violent storms.  There is an impact on children, P.T.S.D. in adults and domestic abuse. She compared Climate change to Covid-19:  Elderly response to temperatures rising, impoverished people, poor health conditions.
Casey Cook mentioned a really great Book on Climate Change entitled "Draw Down".
  Dr. Maureen McCue
Our Zoom greeter today was:  Jenny Seylar.  President Seaba called the meeting to order at 7:06 am.  PGD Chris Knapp led us in the  4-way test and "Smile".  President Seaba said that there are a list of Online Rotary Club Meetings around the World.  The Rotary Club of Iowa City, Downtown, Iowa City and our Club are listed.
There were many "Happy Bucks" Nancy Pacha talked about she and Jenny Seylar had met with the West High Interact.  They want to continue with volunteering with helping with  filling neighbor libraries with food items and some books, working with food pantries.   The Interact is concerned with next year's Leadership and wants to make sure everything is in place. Many club members have been doing yard work.
Dr. McCue continued her presentation talking about Farmer Risk of livestock with hot weather, crops with moisture gathering and creating fungal infections.  Climate change will affect beer with hops growing.  Coffee, chocolate and avocados will be affected.   This pandemic was foretold in 2016 with Zika babies, Ebola, and SARS.  We did not heed the warning.
Fossil Fuel is a problem, plastics, agriculture all part of Climate Change Sickness.
Good News:  Iowa as 37% of Wind Energy .   Solar Energy 9000 jobs along with Wind Energy.
Around the World Coal is on the decline..
Dr McCue asked for questions and there were many.
President adjourned the meeting at 8:05 am.