Pam Ehly, program coordinator for March, introduced speaker Sarah Fairchild, ICCSD Music Director-Virtual Instruction.
Sarah holds a Master and PhD.. She enjoys seeing the pride an joy that music, arts, theater and dance bring to the students. Through these studies, students have learned creative problem solving, cultural and flexible thinking. Sarah talked about before the pandemic.  There would 25-30 students participating in performances for the entire day.  March 2020 came the reality of Zoom, Face Time interaction.  Performances were done on line. The students were able to watch performances from around the world. She showed a short Video of Kids Sing 2021.  All in All the students have learned a lot from Virtual music instruction.
President Amy called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Rick Dobyns shared his Moment of Joy and Gratitude.  Rick is a physician.  He said during the beginning of the pandemic he was very scared.  He would come home at night change clothes in the mud room and seclude himself from his family.
It was an extremely difficult time.  He watched many patients die.  He is very grateful for the vaccine. He and a crew will be going house to house to provide vaccines.
Nancy Pacha ask for volunteers to interview RYLA students.  The interviews will be virtual. 
Vernette Knapp mentioned that the Bike Ride to End Polio has generated $1,139.00.  We have until April 10, 2021.  Please send checks to Vernette and include who you are sponsoring.
The meeting adjourned at 8:00 am.