PDG Chris Knapp introduced PDG Tom Gump and RIPN Stepanie Urchick.  Tom is a member of the Rotary Club of Edina Morningside.  He was District governor in 2020-2021.   Tom has formed many caused based clubs:  veterans focusing on human trafficking, Rotary Corps for Refugees.  He is one of only 95 Rotarians in the world to be named to The Gold Level of The Membership Society for New Member Sponsors bringing in 50 active members to his club.   He has held many positions within Rotary and is RIPN Stephanie Urchick aside.  Dr. Stephanine Urchick is a member of the Rotary Club of McMurrary, Pennsylvania.  She has held mamu positions in Rotary and is currently Rotary International Presidental Nominee.  Tom and Stephanie "Tagged teamed the presentation").   Action Plan to Energize the Club:   Rotary Vision Statement "Together we see a world where People united and take action to Create lasting Change across the globe in our communities and in ourselves.  
ROTARY'S STRATEGIC PRIORITIES AND OBJECTIVES:  Increase Our Impact, Expand Our Reach, Enhance Participant Engagement, and Increase our Ability to Adapt.  
Tom and Stepanie stressed the need to have continuity from one leader to the next leader.  They also said keeping the club members engaged. 
Complete a vision and strategic planning session.   Conduct a club survey to determine what the members woudl like to do and how they would like the meetings to look. 
President Jenny called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Jenny thanked Roger, Jim, and Chris for their Technical setup each week.  She thanked Brian for filling in for Jack as Seargent of Arms. John Ockenfels was off getting the new plane for the Flight to End Polio.  District Conference:  If you want to donate a dessert, please let Vernette know.  Sign up before April 14th. 
Meeting adjourned 8:00 am.