Karen Franklin introduced Timothy Massawe, Assistant District Governor form Tanzania.  He is a charter member of his club and an attorney.   He presentation today was on "Empowering the Vulnerable Through Education.  Timothy talked about the poverty in his country and how this affects the learning opportunities for children.  Timothy was born in a hut and was very poor. Rotary President Elect Jennifer Jones sponsored Neema and now she is a nurse.  Sponsorship for one year is $1,000.  There are currently 51 students in the program and the program has had 200 students.
The students are chosen through a government agency. After college the students are encouraged to return to the community to volunteer to do go in the community.  They are also encouraged to become Rotarians.   If you are interested in more information or wish to sponsor a student, Timothy email is:  massawe178@gmail.com.
President Liz called the meeting order at 7:05 am. Vernette announced that RLI will be held on April 9, 2022 in Ankeny at the library.  There are at least 4 to 5 students in each of the three sessions.  Deb Dunkhase will be honored in the District Conference Program for her receiving the two awards.  Sponsorships are needed for the add.  There is $200 raised at this time.  If you like to help with the sponsorship, please make check out to Rotary District 6000 and mail check to Chris Knapp, 2 Lime Kiln Lane NE, Iowa City, IA 52240.
GMS is being held Saturday March 6 in Newton at DDMAC.  Jenny Seylar attended the GMS in West Liberty.  The club is qualified. 
Nancy Pacha said that the Iowa MOST fundraiser April 5, 2022 at the Coralville Performing Arts Center in Coralville.  Adult tickets are $12.   They can be purchased on the Iowa MOST website.  
The can sorting is schedule for Saturday March 6, 2022.  There is to be rain that day.  The rain date is March 12, 2022. 
The meeting adjourned at 7:50 am.