Alta Medea-Peters, June program coordinator, introduced Will Kapp todays speaker.  His topic Iowa Compassion and World Garden.  He works on food importance to all.  He graduated from City High in 2006.  Global Food Project works with local communities.  Global Food Project seeks to provide safe environment where families can share life experiences, build trust between cultures and embrace diversity.  Food Securities:  Founded  501C3 in 2016 Aymen Sharif, 2017 Garden extension.  A one acre at Johnson County Poor Farm has been developed with 38 garden plots, 287 families, 7 counties, 1 part time program manager that is himself (Will Kapp)
"Who We Are"  Provide 400 sq. foot plots with seed and plants.  Spring garden preparation with weekly irrigation, access to tools, straw, mulch, and compost. 
"Where are We Going"  Increase garden space, develop more educational resources on sustainable grocery, Provide larger plots for individuals research local markets.  Create more leadership  roles and positions for gardeners. 
"How To Help"?  At Global Food Project.  Build resilient food movement for all the community. $10-$50 resources for garden, $50-$100 larger tools and equipment $100 plus future program. 
For more information email:
President Amy Called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Gratitude and Joy was shared by Mary Murphy.  Since the pandemic she has been enjoying a simpler life with family and friends.  She is so grateful for Rotary.   She is a former neighbor of Casey Cook.  She int Amy s grateful that her family stayed healthy.  She grew up in Illinois and is very grateful that we have great health care, Hancher and all that The U Of  I has to offer. Her son was killed in a bus accident in 2019.  She was overjoyed with the support of the community. 
Kate, her daughter was to go an Rotary Youth Exchange.  Youth Exchange was canceled for two years due to the pandemic. She is grateful for all that Rotary has done for Polio and for Covid.  She was fortunate to meet Jonas Salk. 
President Elect Liz announced that she has reserved for July 6th a shelter in Upper City Park.  This will be a Club Assembly to introduce goals for the Action Teams.
Visiting Rotarian Mark Ruggeburg announced that the "Golden Turkey has been vaccinated, still wearing a mask and ready for the July Food Fight. 
PDG John Ockenfels announced that we have the trailer,   President Amy will check to see if the shed from the North Dodge Parking Lot to Riverside Drive Recycling center.
Now is the time to get the team together. 
The meeting adjourned at 7:55 am.