Alta Medea-Peters introduced speakers ; Julia Poska and Giselle Bruskweitz.  Presentation Field to Family.  Field to Family is a community based non profit 401c3.
The mission is to provide Food System education, enhance enviornmental economic community health through local foods, and expand access to local farms.  There is community support from Johnson County Board of Supervisors, City of Iowa City, wholesale customers, and farmer partners. What is local food within 30-100 miles.  Partners :  schools, early care, universities, retirement homes, and restaurants.  On Line market 2020-2021.  Farm to School Program history ICCSD formed 2010.
What's in the Future?  Scale up local farms, partner with school districts, works towards a more just, equitable and inclusive food system.
DVIP has connected free food in June .  What can we do?  Donate and volunteer. 
President Amy signed on and was not feeling well.  Sargent of Arms, Jack Cameron led the meeting.  He called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Rotarian's in the News:  Anne Langguth received the " Her Women of the Year Award."   Gratitude and Joy was presented by Past President Hazel Seaba. " Reflection of Emotional Contagious"  Attitude and behavior positive.    She  is grateful that she the opportunity to go to Xicotepec in 2005.  She was joyful to have the service opportunity.  This trip inspired a positive attitude of compassion.  RYLA, Interact, Rotaract all have positive attitude.  She is grateful that Rotary has such a positive influence in her life. 
Past President Deb Dunkhase said that she and Amy had cleaned out the Kirkwood Room. The  items were  taken to Open Heartland and Roger Christian house.  These items will go to Pam Ehly, 
Deb Ockenfels announced that the Food Fight is on for the month of July.  The Golden Turkey is vaccinated and will have its mask removed. We need to donate enough to get the Turkey back from the Rotary Club of Iowa City Downtown.   There was discussion about the upcoming board meeting.  All are invited to attend.  There will be discussion when to get back to in person meetings and where hold Rotary.   
PDG John Ockenfels said that a check had been returned from the Can Shed due to closing of the P. O. Box.  All checks now are to be Sent to Dean Carrington, Treasurer, P. O. Box  2150. 
John is looking forward to getting the can shed up and running. 
The meeting was closed with The 4-Way Test at 8:00 am.