Posted by Vernette Knapp on Jul 30, 2019
Elaine Shalla introduced her Daughter Elyssa Shalla who is the Interpretive Park Ranger , Grand Canyon National Park.  The Park is celebrating their 100th Anniversary.  She is an acclaimed musician.  Her husband, Matt works with Visitor Resources.
They work and live at the Grand Canyon.
Elaine Shalla, Iowa City A.M. Club member, and Elyssa Shalla
President Hazel called the meeting to order 7:05am.  Deb Dunkhase announced happy to be back.  She also announced a new program:  Open Heartland.  This currently is an event that is providing school supplies to the Mobile Home Parks.  Anyone wishing to donate, please let Deb Know. Deb Ockenfels announced that the food fight ends on July 31.  She has 2,140 pounds of food in her truck.  Mike O'leary also has a truck load full.
David Cutter from Iowa RYLA sent a thank you note to Hazel thanking the Rotary Club of Iowa City AM for sending:  Greg Probst, Liz Loeb, and Mark Patton.
Many people were happy:  Ann Langenfeld reported that Tom is doing well after knee surgery
Chris Knapp announced that there were 50 people at the  dedication of the Polio Statue at Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines on July 27, 2019.    Alta Medea-Peters announced that DVIP had received very kind  donations made at the Fair.  She was very touched by these donations. 
Speaker today Elyssa Shalla, Interpretive Park Ranger Grand National Park spoke about the Canyon.  There is a North Rim and a South Rim.  The South Rim is where about 6000 people live.   The park is 1.2 Million acres.
The park falls under the Department of the Interior.  The National Park Service  protects mountains, trees, water, animals, and sculpture resources.
There are six millions visitors to the park annually.  The park also provides over 200 search and rescue operations each year.
She and her Matt enjoy living and working in the beautiful Grand Canyon National Park.