Jenny Seylar, Program Coordinator, for July introduced Speaker Tonya Goldburn and Jason Blue.  The presentation today is:  Hospice 101 and Covid19.  Tonya and Jason are social workers at the Avalon Hospice House in Iowa City, Iowa.
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President Amy called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  John Mc Kinstry is on the committee for Immigrant Covid-19 experience. Work for Justice My Home to Yours.
Elaine Shalla will be retiring and closing Meacham Travel on July 31, 2020.  Her three employees and book of business will be transferred to Destinations Unlimited.  President Amy said that beginning in September there will be a security procedure that you we will need to be invited into the Zoom call. Deb Ockenfels will be talking with Jennifer and Michelle at CommUnity to find out more about taking produce in the future and possibility extending The Food Fight.   Currently cash donations through July are the only way to participate in The Food Fight.  Mark Patton mentioned The Month Opener at The Ex Stream area.August 3, 2020.  There may be a Zoom app. available. 
Tonya spoke about the Levels of Hospice Care:  1.  Routine -Basic care, House Nurse available, 2. Continuous Care with with 8-24 hours with Dr.  Short term care of person.  3.  General Inpatient Care Short term care Nurses care.  4.  Respite Care, Works with family more than patient.  Relieves care giver, hospice benefit .  Hospice Team:  Nurse, Physician, Social Worker, Hospice aid, Chaplin, and Volunteer.  Physician Team, An Attending Physician, Medical Director; Hospice aids shampoo hair, bath patients, Social Workers:  works with psychology, counseling, physical needs 24-7,  Spiritual care and Breavement counseling, grief support for 13 months.
Volunteers:  private patient support, visit families, run errands, office wor, provides a link from patient to family help to the rest of the Team.   Additional Services:  Occupational, physical, and speech therapy, medical equipment, medications covered by Hospice.
Who pays for Hospice?   Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, self pay.
How Can You Help:  Make a Referral:  319-249-6360, request a speaker, recruit volunteers, Tell others about today's presentation.
Covid-19 has created challenges.  Keep patients at home.
To Qualify for Hospice, you must be diagnosed with 6 month or less to live.
Meeting adjourned at 8:10 am.