Speaker: John McGillicuddy, McGillicuddy Corrigan Agronomics (MC Agronomics) Topic:  Agriculture in Pakistan
John McGillicuddy
President Dick Huber called the meeting to order at 7:05 a.m.
Speaker:  John McGillcuddy
Guests, Martin Mueller R.C. of Iowa City, Carl Christensen Honorary member of R.C. if Iowa City A.M
Cristina Cinotto, Youth Exchange student.
Eric Nurnberg was inducted as a new member. Eric is Assistant Fire Chief of Iowa City.
Ann Romanowski announced that Thursday, February 21, 2019 we will celebrate the clubs 30th anniversary from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Dinner will be catered by The Cottage.  Everyone should bring a bottle of wine.
Dick Huber announced that the 2nd annual Bike Ride Fundraiser will be held June 15, 2019 at Terry True
Mark Patton announced that the Mini Golf Fundraiser will be held April 1, 2019.
Many people were happy:  Mark Patton just returned with several others from a Habitat for Humanity event in the Dominican Republic, Peggy Doerge is going to Florida for a couple of months, Pam Ehly is getting a pace maker, and Liz Loeb is going to Switzerland to welcome their 1st grand child.
Speaker:  John McGillicuddy, "Agriculture in Pakistan"
John is currently under contract with IFC ( a division of the World Bank to evaluate sugar cane production production in Pakistan, and advice on potential improvements.
John stated that the population of Pakistan is 212, 72,631-the size of Oklahoma and Texas combined.
John job entails learning about the culture, the way of the people, how their crops are grown.  He must learn to understand how the people think and get on the ground with the people and help them plant as we. There is a language barrier so much is done through showing how things are done.  The sugar cane is planted by hand by women bent over, bare foot working tireless days in the fields. What little machinery they have dates back to the U.S. in the  1950's.
For more information on this fantastic topic, please visit the website www.mcagronomics.com.