Karin Franklin, January Program Coordinator, introduced Rob Hogg Senator in the Iowa House since 2007.  He served in the House four prior to that time. He Represents the 33 District (Cedar Rapids). He serves on Appropriations, Ways and Means, is chair of Rebuild Iowa Committee, and is vice chair of Judiciary and Environment & Energy.  He is author or Americas Climate Century:   What climate change means for America in the 21st Century and what Americans can do about it. Robb speech was entitled:  Climate Change Actions at the Federal, State, and Local Levels
Robb spoke about solutions:  What can we do? Energy Conservation,Solar Energy, Plant Trees, crop rotation, use fuel efficient vehicles.   This is only part of what we can do.  But everyone has to be on board not just the United States, the entire world needs to come up with the solutions.
Senator Hogg and Rotarian Karin Franklin
President Seaba called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.
She presented a Paul Harris certificate and pin to Margy Winker, and a multiple Paul Harris pin to Roger Christian. Susie Poulton, Club Service I director, announced that Liz Nichols will be President Nominee, President 2021-2022.   Jenny Seylar will be director to finish out Susie's Term..
Announcements:  Cabin Fever, February 21, 2020, Grant Management Seminar, February 22, 2020, West Liberty Rotary Leadership Institute April 4, 2020 Mt. Pleasant.  The board voted to give City High Interact club $100.00 for their help with Gift Wrapping. Roger Christian announced that their was a sheet at the back of the room to list any food restrictions.  This will help Hy Vee and Valerie to serve breakfast to the members concerns.
Dick Announced that there will can sorting either Friday or Saturday-Weather permitting.
Senator Hogg continued to speak on Climate Change.  A book that he recommended that we read is Paris to Pittsburgh.
What Can all of do to help with climate change?  Get informed, do more, and speak up.
The younger generation wants to help with climate change, but we have to be there for them to help