Posted by Vernette Knapp on Jan 15, 2019
Troy Willard-Speaker on the Can Shed.  Ann Langenfeld was Program Organizer
Troy Willard
Casey Cook was able to join today.  Kate announced that trivia had 175 participants and raised approximately $2,000.  Jack Cameron announced that the Christmas Wrapping  brought in 962.00. Chris announced that PDG Diana Reed passed away last week. Visitation will be held Thursday,  4-7 in West Des Moines.  Deb Dunkhase will be retiring from the Children's Museum after 21 years of service. The can sorting fundraiser, has brought in $8,000 since July.
Ann Romanowski announced that on Thursday February 21 the club will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a dinner at the Kirkwood Room.  More details to follow.
Our speaker, Troy Willard spoke on The can shed.  The main location is in Cedar Rapids with a smaller operation in Iowa City. Troy thanked the club for their support of the Can and Bottle Bill in Iowa. The areas provide apx. 900 to 1200 jobs annually for the disabled Glass is sent to Ripple Glass.  The brown glass goes for beer, the clear and green are made into insulation,
The original location 1997, bailing capacity added 2010, Glass Automation producing 60, 70,000 per day
In November, 2017 a new can and plastic deposit system was added.
The UK, India, and Australia and working to improve their systems. 2019 is the 40th anniversary of the Bottle. Some proposals  in Oregon are increase handling fee from 1cent to higher, increase to non carbonated drinks, increase redemption toe 10 cents, move away retail.  For more information contact:  troyw@can