Peggy Doerge introduced Dr.  Chris Peters member of the Rotary Club of Iowa City.  Chris is a member of "Braver Angels" joining in 2018.  He talked about student political leaders at Graceland college one from each party and how they can be friends trying to understand their differences through Braver Angels. He showed a video showing all the political differences in the world today.  "We are in a New Civil War about What Exactly"   Abraham Lincoln quoted " I don't like him, therefore I must get to know him better".   Braver Angels tries to help people understand accurate disagreements to have mutual understanding.  Make I statement's rather we statements.   There are currently 3,100 members across the country. There is a reuniting documentary on U Tube.  Braver Angels is part of District 6000 Peace and Conflict Resolutions Team.  Ron Heideman from The Rotary Club of Indianola is the team chair.  To contact Chris:  319-400-3051
President Liz called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.   John Ockenfels announced that the trailer would be delivered to the recycling center on Riverside Drive in the next few days. 
We will have soft opening and a big splash opening in about a month to six weeks.   GMS:  sign up 2/26, West Liberty, 3/6, DMMAC Newton.  2/26 visitation 12-3 for Herb Wilson, 3 will be the memorial service.  Hazel Seaba mentioned all the wonderful Rotary Fellowships. Please check them out and join one today.
Meeting adjourned 8:00 am.