Pam Ehly introduced Jenny Seylar and Lisa Steiledger from Mercy Hospital.  Jenny is President Elect. She has been a Rotarian for four years.  She is involved in West High 1440 Interact Club with Nancy Pacha and Margy Winkler.  She is the Chaplin for Mercy Hospital.  Lisa is the Communications and Foundation person for Mercy.  Jenny talked about the impact of the pandemic.  She gives spiritual care to families as they go thru sickness and death of loved ones.  Elective surgeries were stopped during the height of the pandemic. The staff worked very hard at rationing the PPE so that they would not run out. There were times when the dying could not have loved ones.  Jenny would be with the patient and communicate with the families. Babies were born that could bring some joy.  It was and is very important to celebrate the "Successes".  She thanked the community and the school children for all the cards, letters and food provided during these trying times.  Jenny said that everyone is very Tired.  It is important to continue to find the JOY in life to maintain a healthy life physically, mentally, and spiritually.  
President Liz called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Mark Patton said that members can donate to the District Disaster Relief Fund through HEF.  Send the Checks to
Phil Peterson.  PDG Chris Knapp said it was best not to designate the funds.  Let the Disaster Relief Committee decide the distribution of funds. 
Jack Camerson said his son Jackson will be in charge of Gift Wrapping.  Chris Knapp, Treasurer, will collect the money around 6:15pm.
R. I. President Mata sent out a letter regarding Rotary vaccination policy.  
Past President said PDG Herb Wilson had to go to the hospital, no room, so he was taken to Waterloo.
President Liz talked about the Rotary Literacy Grant Proposal December 2021.  Background:  District 6000 received $10,000 grant from Save the Children.  Our Club can participate in the grant.  Form a team of Rotarians and 1 or more community partners who care about young families and literacy. 
Eric Nurnberg gave some tips on how to stay safe from fires during the holidays.  1.  Watch the stove make sure burners are turned off when done cooking.  Never leave cooking unattended.  Watch Candles-never leave unattended.  Stay safe this holiday season. 
Meeting adjourned at 8:02 am.